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Monday, June 10, 2019

Coffee Break At La La Land Kind Cafe

There's always something sweet about coming back from a trip and seeing your everyday life differently. Last week I was on a cruise to Bermuda for the corporate company that I work for and it was an incredible experience! But after a week of that, it's nice to be back in Dallas and seeing things with new eyes. I forgot how much traveling can not only be exciting while on the trip, but afterwards as well! You come back feeling refreshed, inspired and ready to try more new experiences. 

My blogger friend, DeAndrea and I decided to explore Dallas more and wanted to check out the new La La Land Kind Cafe in Deep Ellum. I'm always up for a good coffee shop and this one was gorgeous with the yellow trunk and the adorable house (with a porch and patio) that it's located in. Of course, it was packed and we had to sit on the back patio on a 95 degree day and our iced drinks melted in seconds so that was fun lol. But I highly recommend it on a quiet day and make sure to get the French toast latte! 

I wore this gorgeous new Club Monaco skirt which is currently on sale and is one of the most flattering skirts I own and comes in black too. A splurge was this new bag from Poolside Bags which is my favorite straw bag company. You might've already seen my Out of Office tote which I can't live without! Their quality of straw bags is amazing - this one is lined on the inside and has a pouch so you close the top and no one will see what's inside your bag. Plus it's big enough to carry my dslr camera (necessary while traveling) while small enough to carry everywhere. I can't wait to bring this with me on trips throughout the summer!  

What are some trips that you're planning for the summer? I'd love some ideas! Let me know below.



  1. LOL I'm here right now! Love the thin mint matcha!!

  2. Awh, I definitely have to try! Looks adorable!



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