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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Simply Earth March Essential Oil Recipe Box Review

Ever since I started pursuing a more natural beauty routine, I've seen essential oils showing up everywhere but didn't get a chance to test it out until Simply Earth reached out to me. In case you're not familiar, Simply Earth is an all-natural company which focuses on homemade 100% pure essential oils that are high-quality and half the price compared to other essential oils on the market. Aside from offering single-bottle essential oils and unique blends, they also have a subscription box service where every month you can try new essential oils

They were kind enough to send their March essential oil recipe box which contains 4 essential oils, 1 packet of magnesium flakes, 1 packet of dried lavender flowers, 1 spray bottle, mini roll-on bottles and recipe cards. Every month, they send a different set of essential oils and for March, it was the Digest Blend (designed to relieve nausea and improve digestion), Amyris Essential Oil (a calming oil that improves the appearance of skin), Blood Orange Essential Oil (relieves inflammation, reduces anxiety and tension), and the Coriander Essential Oil (improves mood, increases focus and stimulates appetite). I love how they included a card that explains each essential oil - perfect for beginners like me!

You have the option of using the essential oils by themselves but I decided to take advantage of the recipe cards and their extra ingredients that they conveniently included such as the magnesium flakes and dried lavender. Their recipe cards are easy to follow and useful such as the Sickness Support Bath Soak which is perfect for getting over spring colds or their Magnesium Sleep Spray for anyone who's suffering from losing sleep from daylight savings. I also loved the convenience of having a spray bottle and roll-ons included so I can take them to the office with me. They thought of everything! All of this for $40 a month plus free shipping. Not a bad deal wouldn't you say?

Simply Earth was also kind enough to send me their Big Bonus Box which contained a full-size tub of coconut oil, two bottles of almond oil, a packet of beeswax, six roller bottles, six 5ml bottles, and cute stickers. It was quite generous!

Overall, I'm quite pleased with Simply Earth and it's products. The essential oils smell amazing, it's perfect for a beginner that's new to the world of essentials oils but also to anyone who's familiar with it since they're constantly coming up with new recipes and most of all: it's convenient and simple! They'v done all the work for you and included so many products so it's worth more than $40 in my opinion.

In case you would like to try it for yourself, use the code "SSSFree" and get a $20 egift-card (for your next purchase) as well as a free Big Bonus Box!

What do you think about essential oils? Have you tried them before? Let me know!



  1. ahh this sounds amazing! I'm all about essential oils but haven't tried simply earth's before!

  2. I have never try essentials oils, but I kinda want to hahaha. Definitely going to look more into it!

  3. I am just starting to get into essential oils, I'll have to check out simply earth!

  4. What an awesome price! I love essential oils. I need to check this company out.


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