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Monday, February 25, 2019

The Big 25

"Aging is the extraordinary process where you become the person that you always should have been." - David Bowie 


25 has always been my favorite number. Maybe that's why I'm so content with turning 25 today! 

Whenever I talk about getting older in your 20's with others, everyone always says that it goes downhill after 21. Isn't it funny how we feel as if time is going really slow back when we were kids and all we wish is to become an adult. First you look forward to 16 cause you can finally drive a car, then 21 cause you can finally drink and party, and then what? These past couple of weeks, I've been really thinking about this and it just doesn't feel like "things are going downhill". Instead, I feel more like me than I've ever felt. For a majority of my life, I've struggled with self-confidence and comparison both with my image and my life. Despite that, I've worked hard to grow and transform and become who I've always wanted to be while accepting the parts that I can't change. It's NEVER been easy and I'm still learning but it's just so nice to finally be comfortable with myself and my life. It's nice to become the woman that I dreamed of being when I was 9 years old. 

I remember last year around my birthday, I had a small quiet dinner with my family and didn't have a job yet and was beginning to worry that I was falling behind. That I had moved all the way to Dallas and that things weren't going as planned. I had so many thoughts about when my life would "officially start". I promised myself that the year of 24 would be different. I would take more chances, work towards becoming more comfortable with myself and building a life that I would love. It's nice to be able to say that I actually accomplished it! The best part is, you can too. Sometimes, it takes a few months, sometimes it takes a year or two but eventually you'll get there. You would be surprised at how quickly your life can change. Aging really is the process of becoming more of the person you always should have been 

Thank you to everyone for the sweet birthday wishes! I'm grateful for every single one of you for reading this blog of myn and sticking with me over the years! 


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  1. Happy birthday Ruya! It's so cool to see how far you've come — I remember our chats a few years ago about how you wanted to move to a big's awesome to follow your journey and see how you're making all of those dreams come true!


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