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Thursday, July 12, 2018

What To Pack For Las Vegas

Lately I've been in the mood to be spontaneous (that's what being in your 20s is all about right?) so my friend and I randomly booked a trip to Las Vegas for next week! I mentioned in my last blog post that I've been there 4 times before but this is the first time that I'm going as a legal adult! It's always been one of my favorite cities and there's so many ways to have fun - even if you don't like to gamble or go clubbing! In case you're headed there soon, here's my go-to list of things to pack so you can have the best trip without worrying that you left something important at home:

Feel Free to Go Crazy With Your Wardrobe

What I love about Vegas is that you can be in sequins at 2pm and no one will care cause's Vegas lol. Take advantage of this opportunity and take some fashion risks such as chic cut-out dresses, bold colors, or even feathers! I recommend some lightweight casual outfits like a linen dress and more fancy outfits like this gorgeous hot pink dress or this chic jumpsuit. Also, don't forget a stylish swimsuit (there's so many great pool parties like the one at Caesar's Palace!). I'm bringing this polka dot bikini top and high-waisted bottom and this new tassel cover-up that I just got! Lastly, depending on what time of the year that you go, a light jacket is necessary since it can get chilly at night during the winter.


Bring 2 Kinds of Shoes 

Shoes take up the most space in a suitcase (or a carry on in my case!) so I always recommend bringing at least two pairs of shoes. You'll mostly like be walking around a lot on the Strip so a pair of comfortable and good quality sandals or flats are going to come in useful. I love foldable flats that you can carry in your purse or my go-to leather Tory Burch sandals which can survive anything and still look brand new. For the second pair of shoes, I recommend something fancy since you'll most likely go to places that require you to dress up. I tend to avoid heels since they can be hard to walk or stand in for a long night so wedges are my preference. I just bought these nude ones that go with everything and make your legs look a mile long! 


Hangover Kit 

I'm not a big fan of clubs but I love the fancy lounges and bars in Vegas so it's necessary to bring a small hangover kit that I can tuck in my purse! I usually bring a travel packet of Tylenol, some Emergen-C Energy & Immunity (perks me up instantly!), mints, and some moisturizing eye drops since my eyes are naturally dry and always get a little red when I've been drinking lol.


Small Accessories & Lots of Sunscreen

Wherever you are on the Strip, I recommend bringing a small cross body bag (if you can, two would be best!). The casual one can be used for exploring the Strip during the day so you're more comfortable and a more fancy one for going out at night and not worrying about having to hold anything. As for beauty items, I highly recommend sunscreen since the Vegas sun can be brutal and more importantly so you can prevent skin cancer and early signs of aging! I'm a huge fan of Coola sunscreens cause they don't leave your skin greasy and is perfect for walking around during the day. A good drugstore alternative is Neutrogena which also comes in stick form!

Have you been to Vegas before? What are your essentials? Let me know!


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