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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

How to Make Hair Extensions Look Natural

Lately I've found myself growing tired of the same old hairstyle and since I've done some damage to it over the years by coloring it so much, I decided to try something different and use hair extensions to fake fullness and length. The only problem? It has to look natural. I've never been the type of person that wants to look "too perfect"and over the top. Plus I want extensions to be a part of my everyday look! After some trial and error, I fianlly found some tricks to making hair extensions look natural and I thought I should share it with you gals:

F I N D  T H E  R I G H T  K I N D  O F  E X T E N S I O N S

Hair extensions comes in many forms and there's no such thing as "one type fits all". If you have super fine hair then try to avoid clip in extensions since it will weigh your hair down and even cause damage such as hair loss. Instead go for tape extensions which tend to be thinner and much more gentle. If you have thick hair but don't want to bother with hair clip extensions, then try I-Tip extensions which salons usually do and is done by looping a strand of your natural hair and an extension through a bead and securing it with heat. There's so many different kinds of hair extensions out there so make sure to do your research and check them out!

A L W A Y S  B U Y  H U M A N  H A I R

Fake hair seems like a good idea when you look at the price but trust me you don't want to buy those! They sparkle and look super shiny in the light which makes people easily tell that your hair isn't real and you can't curl, straighten, or color fake hair so what's the point? Invest in a great human hair extensions brand and make sure that it's not mixed with fake hair (many brands at Sally's Beauty Supply has these kinds of extensions so avoid them). You won't regret it!

 G E T  I T  C U T  +  C O L O R E D  A T  A  S A L O N

Finding the perfect set of hair extensions that are the exact shade of your hair color is tricky especially if you bought them online like I did. I highly recommend going to the salon and having them color your extensions (just make sure to call ahead and ask if they color extensions since some salons have their own brand and have a policy where they refuse to color extensions from other brands). If they match, then make sure that the ends are cut and shaped to flatter your current hairstyle. This way it looks much more natural and professional. Just remember to not take too much length off the extensions (unless they're ridiculously too long) since depending on where you position them on your head (higher or lower), you can adjust how long they are.

D O N ' T  W E A R  A L L  O F  T H E M

Over the years, my hair has gotten pretty thin so it wouldn't look natural to wear all 7 pieces of hair extensions unless I'm going for a super glam look (plus it just gives you a migraine!). I've found that wearing 4 is enough and easily blends in with my natural hair and hides my layers. It all depends on the thickness of your natural hair and the thickness of the hair extensions so make sure to experiment and see what works best for you. Personally, I don't know anyone who actually uses all 7 that usually comes in a pack!

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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