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Monday, December 18, 2017

Gift Guide: For The Blogger

The very last gift guide of the season, it's bittersweet cause it means Christmas is almost here and then New Year's and then it's all over! It's strange how the entire year feels like it's dragging and then the holidays come around and then it's just flying by. Anyways, for my last gift guide I decided to dedicate it to us bloggers! It can be tricky finding us some cute gifts for Christmas that are both functional and Instagram-worthy (cause that's very important in life haha!) but I managed to search around and find gifts that I'm sure every blogger can use in their lives. Here's what I'm loving: 

Lumee Duo Light iPhone Case - As much as I love those clip-on lights for the iPhone, I'll admit I tend to forget them at home and always find myself needing one when I'm out. That's what I love about this phone case, it actually has two built-in lights which you can turn on when you need a good selfie or just some better lighting for a flat-lay. 

Kate Spade Make Mine a Double Thermal Mug - Perfect for a coffee addict or just a Kate Spade lover.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation - Every blogger needs a good foundation for photo opportunities and this one was voted one of the best for photography by make up artists! It is quite the splurge but a little goes a long way.

Let's Talk Shop Notepad Folio - I never carry a planner around but I always need to jot down some notes if I'm at an event or I'm meeting someone important for coffee so that's why this notepad works perfectly. 

Personalized Camera Bag - Anything personalized is the perfect gift in my book! Plus it's Instagram-worthy and fits all of the essentials. 

Boss Lady Docking Station - On sale now! Perfect if you need to charge your phone but don't want to sit next to an outlet all day and need to get some work done at your desk. 

Felt Letter Board - Another Instagram-worthy essential! Plus great to use as decor at parties and events. 

Dolce & Gabbana Card Holder - I love the combination of florals and classic black on this card holder which is both professional and girly. 

Michael Kors x Fujifilm Camera - This is perfect for a blogger's night out and is so sleek and even comes with a crossbody chain. 

Hope you enjoyed this gift guide! Make sure to order soon since Christmas is right around the corner!


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  1. The "make mine a double" coffee cup... I need it now!
    -Austen Tosone


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