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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Gift Guide: For The Zodiac Addict

I've mentioned my love for all things zodiac a couple of times on the blog (just in case you're wondering I'm #teampisces *insert hands up emoji here*) and lately it feels like zodiac things have become super popular and have been popping up everywhere! I thought I'd get creative with my gift guides and put together this zodiac guide that's perfect for anyone that's obsessed with learning more about the stars and includes more subtle gifts as well since I know zodiac things can get kinda cheesy. Happy shopping! 

1. Capri Blue Mini Zodiac Candle - Everyone loves a good candle and this one is so pretty with the silver cap and makes a perfect home decor gift. Plus it's only $14!

2. Formations Zodiac Mug - I love these mugs not only because they have the sign characteristics on them but the zodiac symbol on the inside of the mug. So cute!

3. Demeter Zodiac Perfume - As someone who's worked at a perfume shop all throughout college, this is the first time that I heard about zodiac perfume! Such a clever idea and I'm curious to see how they all smell. Plus it's only $40 and sold at Anthropologie which means it must be good quality yet you can't beat the price.

4. The Golden Book of Fortune Telling Book - I was actually standing in line at Z Gallerie when I picked up this book and skimmed through a few pages. It's packed with tons of zodiac and other "mystical" advice in it and is small and compact so you can take it with you anywhere. 

5. Alex & Ani Constellation Charm - I'm a huge Alex & Ani fan and was shocked to find that they came out with a new Zodiac collection and got rid of the old ones (my very first charm was the Pisces one!) and replaced them with the Zodiac constellation collection. Of course I instantly put in an order! The constellation look is much more subtle yet has the sign written on the back.

6. Lulu Frost Constellation Ring - If you're looking for a more high quality piece of zodiac jewelry then I highly recommend these Lulu Frost constellation rings. It's defiantly a conversation-starter since most people don't know what their zodiac sign looks like as a constellation. Plus it's just so dainty and eye catching!

7. The Signs: A Guide to Modern Astrology Book - If you're looking for a full size book that explains everything about astrology then look no further than this book. I actually own it myself and it's such a fun book to read!

8. Anthropologie Hammered Zodiac Trinket Dish - This trinket dish is such a unique gift and the matte gold is just so classy and would look perfect on a vanity. 

Hope you gals enjoyed this gift guide! Any other gift guide ideas? I'd love to know!


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