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Monday, October 16, 2017

Exploring Dallas: Highland Park Village

The best part about moving to a new city: all the new places that you get to explore! I decided to make a new series on my blog called "Exploring Dallas" since you guys were interested in posts on what to do and see in Dallas. I thought the perfect place to start my new series is at Highland Park Village, a place that's a must for anyone visiting Dallas. 

Over the years, I've always heard so many great things about Highland Park Village but it was even better than I had imagined! I know, I know, I must sound ridiculous right now cause technically Highland Park Village is just a place filled with fancy high end stores and fashionable (and I'm assuming rich?) people but I just can't help it! We have nothing like this in Rochester (may I remind you that we don't even have an H&M! It's that bad over there) so it feels surreal to have a fancy place like this right in my own backyard. 

The first thing you'll notice about the place once you arrive is that there's a different feel to it with the gorgeous architecture and the fact that it's an outdoor shopping center filled with gorgeous window displays. Did I mention everything in this place is Instagram-worthy? Including the people! While Dallas is a fashionable city, the people at Highland Park Village take it to another level. No wonder why fashion bloggers come here so often! 

While most of the shops are high-end, there are some more "affordable" shops such as Tory Burch (which is where I spotted those adorable velvet espadrilles that I mentioned in my last post which I still have regret not buying!) and cute boutiques as well. Of course, I still had to go into my favorite store Chanel and at least pretend that I'm a rich socialite that I can afford those things in store. And the parking lot! Since when are parking lots so cute?!

Do these stairs look familiar? All around HP Village, you'll see these gorgeous stairs which is so photo-worthy and I'm pretty sure I've seen bloggers take pictures here before. 

My favorite place that I visited while here was without a doubt, Bird Bakery! If you follow me on Instagram, you would've noticed that I couldn't stop talking about this place. It's an adorable bakery with tons of girly decor, amazing coffee, sandwiches, and of course my personal favorite: cupcakes! (including pumpkin spice cupcakes fyi). 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I can't wait to explore new places and find out more about Dallas!


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