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Monday, September 18, 2017

Why I Almost Quit Blogging After 4 Years

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I decided to switch things up here on Sweet, Short & Stylish and write about something more personal, just like how bloggers would write about their feelings back in the good old days! No outfit posts, no sponsored content. Just a good old rant and something that I've been meaning to get off my chest and something that I think many bloggers can relate to.

After 4 years, I seemed to have lost my "spark" for blogging. All of a sudden, the whole thing caught up to me and it felt so exhausting. The endless pictures of myself, the sponsored posts that felt so fake and generic, constantly checking my Instagram and seeing that my follower count hasn't gone up in months (damn you, algorithm change. But more on that in my next post!), and even writing a simple paragraph about an outfit felt like pulling teeth. There was just nothing appealing about the hustle anymore because I didn't feel like I was improving (the comparison game will do that) and the competition just felt too fierce and oversaturated with everyone doing the same old things. Even in a small city like Rochester, there seems to be an explosion of bloggers that are rising up and I got sick of hearing the words "oh you've been blogging for that long? I've never heard of you!". Yet I couldn't find it in me to quit since that would mean that I had wasted 4 years for nothing. That all my hard work would go away and I knew I would regret it later on.

I remember sitting in my favorite professor's office back in May and saying "I don't know why I blog anymore. What's wrong with me?". She said to me some wise words that I've been thinking about for the past couple of months and it's finally making sense to me:

At the time, I didn't know the answer to that question. The solution couldn't be that simple could it? Yet it completely explained why I haven't had any motivation to blog since last year. I had lost my purpose and needed to find the meaning behind all of this again. When I first started my blog, my purpose was to have a creative outlet and to escape from my finance studies which was making me depressed. Yet as my blog grew, I had grown along with it and changed my life course. I no longer needed blogging as a way to cope.

So I guess the point of this post is to remind all bloggers out there (including myself) who feel lost and have no motivation to really think long and hard about your purpose. Why do you blog? If it's for money or fame, then you'll run out of fuel quickly. But if it's for something much deeper than that, then I hope you remind yourself about that everyday. And if you've been blogging like me for a few years now, just know that it's okay to change your purpose as time goes by. I mean we change so much every year as people, so why not change and improve our blogs as well with our wisdom?

You're probably wondering what my new purpose is now? To create genuine content that I'm proud of and not only inspires and excites my readers and makes their day a little bit better, but also myn. To create a deeper connection to my readers and to not be afraid of talking about what's important (of course fashion and beauty will still be a huge part of the blog!) and pushing my limits and reminding my readers they're not alone. That's pretty deep for a fashion blog! But I'm up for the challenge 

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