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Friday, September 8, 2017

How to Stay In Touch With Long Distance Friends

Over the years, I've had all sorts of friendships: school friends, work friends, and of course friends that have become family. I always preferred having few friendships but that are of good quality and will last a lifetime...even if it means we're moving into different phases of our lives where we won't be living in the same city! Yes, adulting is tough. While I've been successful at staying friends with my favorite people from high school (even though we went to different colleges), long distance friendships are another story and can be quite difficult since you might only see each other face to face once a year if you're lucky! That's why I thought this would be the perfect time to make a post about how my friends and I are determined to keep in touch while being so far away:

Weekly "FaceTime Dinners" - One of my favorite things to do with my friends is to go out to dinner or get coffee at our favorite coffee shop. Luckily there's technology so it's easy to continue this tradition by scheduling at least an hour out of the week to sit down with your best friend and FaceTime each other while having a meal together. Plus it's so much personal than social media since liking each other's pictures can be pretty boring and easily make the friendship disappear after a while.

Care Packages - I know care packages are so old-school but who doesn't love receiving something in the mail?! Sending each other cute handwritten letters (fancy stationary is a must!), trinkets, and even postcards of the new city that you moved to can be a great way to keep in touch and stay up to date on what's happening in each other's lives.

Matching Mementos - Before my best friend left for college, we decided to get matching Alex & Ani bracelets (the Queen's crown to be exact!) as a reminder of our friendship which you can see in the picture above. You can do this with all sorts of jewelry or clothing!

Best Friends Vacay - An exciting way to keep the friendship alive is to go on vacation together, even if it's for a weekend getaway! You'll be able to explore a new city together while also having tons of time to catch up and create new memories.

What are some ways to stay in touch with your friends when you both live so far away? I'd love to hear your ideas! Feel free to comment below.


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