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Monday, September 25, 2017

How to Create a Stylish Dorm While On a Budget

This is a sponsored post in partnership with OCM. All words and opinions are my own.

One of the decisions that I wish I had made in college but ultimately decided against was staying in a dorm. While I don't completely regret the decision (I had an apartment and totally saved tons on student loans #winning), I do wish I had the chance to decorate my own dorm! Recently I got the opportunity to work with OCM and decided to do a post all about how to create a stylish dorm room that's Pinterest-worthy while also not breaking the bank. Here are some of my ideas: 

(source: Anum Tariq)


The Possibilities of DIY 

I recently started doing DIY posts (check out my lace hem jeans post here) and it's such a relaxing and fun hobby! Did I mention it's super budget-friendly? For dorm decor, you can make so many things such as wall art, hanging shelves, pillow covers, or even a memo board key rack! The possibilities are endless and it'll be a a great way to bond with your roommate and do something together on a rainy day. 

Thrift & Antique Stores Are Your Best Friend

I love thrift and antique stores since you can always find one of a kind things for great prices. They always seem to have great picture frames, lamps, and even book shelves and if they look a little old, then they can easily be painted over and fixed. If you're looking for designer items, I would recommend going to thrift/antique stores in upscale neighborhoods since I've noticed they always seem to have the best stuff. Also, if you have a DIY idea in mind, then thrift/antique stores are great places to buy plain and simple supplies and turn them into something unique while not breaking your budget. 

Removable Wallpaper

White walls can get pretty boring and most colleges (and even apartment buildings) don't allow people to paint their walls so removable wallpaper is a lifesaver. You can place it on all the walls or even just do an accent wall (which is so chic and eye-catching!) in your color of choice or pattern and easily remove it once the semester is up and use it again later. For some reason not many people know about this option so I think it's a great way to stand out and do something different.

Think Vertical 

We all know dorm rooms are ridiculously small and putting too many pieces of furniture or other home decor can make it look crowded and cluttered. Instead keep it simple by buying vertical items such as a bookshelf or a nightstand that won't take up too much room. Also, one of my best tricks for making a small room appear much bigger is to place a vertical mirror (ya know the ones that fashion bloggers always take a mirror pic at?) in the corner of your room. Works every time and you can even do this with your first apartment as well! 


 All finished decorating your dorm room? OCM is actually running a dorm room decorating contest and all you have to do is share a photo of your dorm with the hashtag #OCMRoomGoals2017 on Twitter or Instagram and if you get the most votes then you win $1000 in tuition credit! I wish this contest was around when I was in college cause I totally could've used an extra $1000 on school and it's so easy to enter! Not a fan of sharing it publicly? Then you can enter using the contest form. The contest ends on October 1st so make sure to take a pic and share it before it's too late. In order to participate in the contest, you have to be living in the US and live in student housing and all photos have to be your own. See all the details on the OCM contest site.

Hope this post was helpful! 


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  1. Such good tips! I love finding cute trinkets at thrift stores and using them to add a little charm to my space.


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