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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Best Way For Fashionistas To Save Money In College

This is a sponsored post in partnership with UNiDAYS and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own. 

Being a college student is tough, but you know what's worse? Being a fashionista in college. You constantly get the urge to spend your hard-earned money on "unnecessary" things like that cute maroon cardigan (cause fall is coming, duh) or yet another pair of heels (you're not sure where you're going to wear them to with all this walking on campus, but who cares!) and then find yourself not having enough money left over for the things that are necessary. 

Luckily, there's UNiDAYS: a free service that I discovered during my freshman year of college which has been my go-to for all my unnecessary and necessary purchases. You simply sign up online with your school email and you instantly have free access to countless savings from popular brands. It's so much easier than searching the entire Internet for deals (been there, done that) and many of the deals are for students only and aren't found easily online. There's even members-only giveaways like $500 for back to school shopping! Wondering which brands UNiDAYS has special offers for? Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Lime Crime, and Missguided to name a few.

 One of the brands that I was surprised to find on there was 1800 Contacts! I've been having vision problems since I was 8 years old and as I've grown older, I've been relying on contacts to correct my vision (also so I can wear stylish sunglasses around campus #importantthingsinlife) yet the whole purchasing contacts at the doctor's office thing has always been a hassle. A year's worth of contacts is already expensive enough as it is, but purchasing them at a doctor's office is a nightmare when you have sales associates pressuring you to make a purchase and "recommending" certain brands over others. With 1800 Contacts, all you need is a prescription and your special offer from UNiDAYS and before you know it, your box of contacts (you have the freedom to choose what brand you want and how many boxes you want, no pressure at all!) arrives at your doorstep in a few days. Plus they have free shipping and contact lens experts available to help you 24/7 if it's your first time purchasing them online. So simple and quick and you'll be able to stay within your budget!

There's so many great offers on UNiDAYS right now so make sure to sign up before college starts and take advantage of it! For more college advice, head over to the UNiDAYS blog which has tons of great advice on spending smart, being productive, and making sure that you have the best semester ever!

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