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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How to Look Wealthy (Even When You're Broke)

I'm not going to lie, I've always been fascinated by wealthy people. Notice how I said wealthy, instead of rich. In my mind, rich people are flashy and want everyone to know they have money while wealthy people have an air of class to them and don't care about drawing attention to themselves, it's more about being put-together. I've always wanted to achieve that in my own personal style without breaking the bank and thought I should share it here as well: 

Avoid Too Many Logos 

If you're going to wear something with a logo on it, just wear one. Too many logos can come across as looking tacky and can turn a nice outfit into something cheap. I remember in high school I would always wear things with logos (think Ralph Lauren polos and Coach bags haha) so it would send the message to people that I'm into "fashion" when in reality, it just looked like I was trying too hard. 

Simple & Timeless Clothing Is Key

Whenever I see someone wealthy (or looks it, looks can be deceiving haha), I always notice that they're wearing something simple such as a black turtleneck, figure flattering blazer, or head to toe white. I remember reading once that wealthy people (such as entrepreneurs) don't have time to think about what they're going to wear in the mornings (most likely because they're focused on making money and having a successful career) so they go for super simple pieces and I think that's completely true! It just makes the day so much more easier and you can mix and match everything. Plus it's hard to tell how much money was really spent on an outfit when it's neutral and simple cause these specific kinds of clothes can come across as being sharp and clean, no matter how cheap it was. 

Invest in Accessories, Not Clothes 

While it would be nice to spend all my money on clothes, we have to be realistic here. When you have a simple wardrobe filled with neutrals, investing in some great accessories such as a handbag (doesn't have to be designer!), watch (one with a leather band), or shoes (nudes, greys, and black goes with everything) can easily elevate your outfit. Plus it can be worn with many different outfits and can last for years. 

Have a Polished Appearance 

A polished appearance isn't about having pounds of makeup on everyday (who has time for that anyways?!) or having a professional blow-out but more about the little things. You would be surprised at how easy it is to look more polished such as wearing some pearl stud earrings, putting your hair in a ponytail, or having a bare face and only putting blush and a flattering red lipstick on. 

Thanks for reading, below I've linked some great items that are budget-friendly that goes perfectly with these tips so check them out!


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