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Monday, July 3, 2017

5 Rules For Healthier Hair

Hi ladies! I've been getting tons of questions on what I've been doing on my journey to healthier hair besides Nioxin (I'll be posting week 3 results tomorrow!) and going heat-free and I thought I'd share some of my personal "rules" that has improved my hair dramatically. Some of these rules I've been using for years while others I've just recently adopted and I hope you give it a try and it makes us a difference for your hair! Here they are: 

1.) Use Less Products

While using tons of products could make your hair look better, it leads to build-up on your scalp which can block hair growth and make your hair look dull. I highly recommend trying to find all-in-one products which gives multiple results and eliminates the need for other products. My holy grail is Bumble & Bumble's Straight Blow Dry Styling Balm which I use right before blow drying my hair and works to straighten it faster while getting rid of frizz and makes it look shiny and smooth. No need for finishing oil or hairspray afterwards!

2.) Stop Putting Your Hair in Ponytails 

Ever since I was a kid, I would put my hair in a ponytail and still do when I get home after a long day and just need to get my hair out of my face. I recently found out that this a huge mistake since the constant pulling of your hair can lead to hair loss (so that's why I have hair loss in my crown! makes sense) and breakage which can lead to tons of annoying flyaways. Try to switch up hairstyles or at least put your hair in a looser or low ponytail so there's less pressure. 

3.) Don't Use Dry Shampoo For Too Long

While I love dry shampoo just as much as everyone else, I try not to use it for too many days (3 days is my maximum) since this is another product that can cause build-up and leads to tons of problems such as an itchy scalp. Since I have dry and naturally curly hair, I could go at least 5 days without washing my hair and just using dry shampoo but always noticed that I would lose double the hair in the shower after doing this so it definitely can lead to some hair loss if your scalp is packed with product for too long. 

4.) Try Not To Color Your Hair As Much

This is a tricky one but if you've been coloring your hair for years like I have, it can take a huge toll on your hair but I know how hard it can be to just stop coloring it. I personally think I look better with lighter hair than I do with my naturally dark brown hair and have no plans of going back anytime soon! Yet lately I've been avoiding the salon and just letting my roots grow a little more and giving my hair some time to heal. Even a month or two of this can really make a difference. If you have to color your hair and need to use bleach, I highly recommend asking for Olaplex which can help damaged hair.

5.) Use SPF...For Your Hair 

Last summer I spent tons of time outside and at the beach and decided to try Sachajuan's Hair In The Sun which acts like a SPF but for your hair! It works so well to prevent your hair color from fading and protects your hair from the sun and harsh chlorine. Normally after a long day at the beach my hair is dry and brittle but with this, it's actually moisturized and feels so soft to the touch. Definitely invest in a product like this to help keep your hair healthy during the summer! 

Hope this helped!




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