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Friday, June 30, 2017

The Best Sunglasses For Every Face Shape

We all know how much I love sunglasses, I practically wear them in almost every outfit post! I always recommend investing in one designer pair that will last you a lifetime but it can be tricky finding the right pair that will be flattering on your face. That's why I thought it was time to create a guide that will help make sunglasses shopping so much easier. Here's what you should be looking for according to your face shape: 

If you have a round face, then that means that your cheeks are the widest and the face length and width are almost the same. If it helps, this is my face shape! I specifically avoid sunglasses that are circular since it accentuates the roundness of your face and makes it look even wider. If you really want to try the round sunglasses trend though, go for oval shaped sunglasses! I also love aviators (brands like Ray-Ban usually sell them in two sizes - one for smaller faces and one for bigger - go for the bigger ones!) and square-shaped sunglasses which helps makes your face look more petite. 

A square face consists of the forehead and jawline being the same width and usually people with this shape face have a stronger jaw (think of Olivia Wilde!). In order to soften the jawline, cat-eye sunglasses look the best or ones with a more round-circular shape. 

Heart-shaped faces typically have a prominent forehead and their chin tends to be pointy so if this sounds like you, I recommend over-sized sunglasses that are slightly wider than forehead in order to take the attention away from that area. 

If you have an oval shape face, you most likely have prominent cheekbones (lucky!), wide forehead, and a feminine chin (not too pointy, not too round). Think of Jessica Alba's face shape! What's great about having an oval-shaped face is that you can pull almost any pair of sunglasses. Personally I love square-shaped sunglasses for oval faces since it draws attention to the best features. 

Hope this guide helped! 



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