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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tips For Growing Your Brows

Can you believe that I haven't done my eyebrows since December? Yup, it's almost going to be 4 months since I decided that I wanted my eyebrows to look better and decided to completely ignore tweezing, threading, and waxing for a better shape. Before, I would never really pay attention to my eyebrows since I'm Turkish and naturally have thick eyebrows and in Turkish culture, for centuries it's considered a sign of beauty to have full eyebrows so growing up my Mom would never let me touch them (thanks Mom!). Yet lately, I've been feeling unsatisfied with my brows so I decided to let them grow out and boy is it the most liberating feeling ever! It's just one less thing to worry about everyday and I couldn't be happier with the way they're turning out. I'm actually going to give myself another month before I get them done but in the meantime I thought I'd share my best tricks for growing them and how to make them look more groomed so you can actually go out in public haha. Here they are:  

Stick To Your Brow Routine

Just because you're growing out your brows doesn't mean you should get lazy! It's important to stick to your usual brow routine in order to make your brows look polished. Trust me, growth doesn't look as bad if the brows are filled in nicely. My usual brow routine consists of brow powder in a few shades lighter than my natural brows and a spoolie so I can blend out the color and not make it look so harsh. My holy grail is Anastasia's Brow Powder Duo in Taupe!

Never Remove The "Body" Of The Brow

The number one rule to growing out your brows is to keep the plucking to a minimum. In the past four months, I've only plucked only 4-5 stray hairs! What do I mean by stray? Random brow hairs that grow in places that are far away from your actual eyebrow (I like to call this the "body"). Any hair that's very close to your eyebrow shouldn't be plucked and should be taken care of by a professional when you feel that your'e done growing them and it's time to get them done. If you're not sure if it's a stray brow hair or not, then just leave it! It's better safe than to be sorry.

Clear Brow Gel Is Everything

Before making the big decision to let my eyebrows grow, I never used brow gel. I just never saw the point since my eyebrows always seemed to stay in place but when you're growing them and they're going in a million directions? It's totally necessary! My personal favorite is Benefit's Ready, Set, Brow! which is a clear gel that isn't sticky and doesn't leave your brows crunchy or stiff when it dries but instead feels soft and natural. The best part is that your brow hairs STAY in place throughout the day. I don't know what I would do without this stuff. 

Almond Oil

An old Turkish trick that my Mom taught me is to apply some almond oil onto your brows which is enriched with vitamin E on a regular basis which helps your brows grow thicker and fuller and did I mention faster? Perfect if you over plucked or waxed too much and need to have nice brows ASAP. I usually put it on at night right before I go to bed since it takes a while for it to absorb into the skin.

Use Accessories to "Hide" Your Brows

If it feels as if you can't control the way your brows are going and just want to hide them then use accessories such as baseball hats (which we all know how much I love plus they're super trendy right now!) or if you normally wear contacts than switch to glasses. This way, the focus will be taken off your brows and people will be distracted by the accessories instead.

Hide Growth With Pencil Highlighter 

A good way to mask all the tiny hairs that are appearing on your brow bone is to put some highlighter on it. This way the light reflects the highlighter instead of the tiny hairs and you look more groomed and polished. Lately I've been using European Wax Center's Oh My Brow! which comes in a pencil form which I recommend since it goes on a bit thicker rather than using powder highlighter which won't mask brow hairs as easily.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and good luck with your brow journeys! I know it can be difficult but the results are going to be worth it and you won't regret!



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