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Friday, March 24, 2017

Things to Do If You Don't Have Time For The Gym

We all have busy weeks when we can't make it to the gym cause there's just too many things to do on our list and the GUILT. Ugh, that's the worst. Or maybe the gym isn't your thing and you just want to save some money before signing up for a contract and having to commit to it. Whatever the problem is, I thought it was time that I made a post about other things that you can do aside from going to the gym that can help you stay on track and achieve your fitness goals. Here's my advice: 

Keep Your Diet As Clean As Possible 
I once read that weight loss is 70% dieting and 30% exercise and I think that's completely true. Whenever I can't make it to the gym but still keep up with clean eating, my body doesn't show that I'm not going to the gym which makes me feel a lot better. I usually increase my water intake around this time, eat more fruits/vegetables, avoid anything processed, and include more fiber in my diet which helps keep my stomach flat! 

Burn Calories In "Little" Ways 
Getting some exercise doesn't always mean spending an hour at the gym, you can burn calories by doing little things like walking your dog, taking the stairs (I know we've heard this one a million times but hey it's always an option), or even grabbing a basket at the grocery store and having to carry heavy groceries in that thing can be a good arm workout. 

Buy a Resistance Band
Earlier this week I purchased a resistance band and it's one of the best things I've ever bought! My physical therapist recommended this to me when I told her that I was having a hard time working out my legs and it's such a simple product but it makes such a great workout when you can't make it to the gym. You can work out your arms, legs, and chest with this product and plus you can put it in your bag and take it everywhere with you including on vacation.

The 5 Minute Morning Work Out
You ever have those mornings where right when you wake up you realize that it's going to be a painfully long day and all you're looking forward to is going back to bed by the end of it? That's how my week has been so instead of going to the gym, I've been doing a quick 5 minute workout in the mornings right before I hop in the shower. I usually do 20 squats, 30 curl ups, a 30 second plank, and then finish with 25 jumping jacks. Better than nothing! Depending on how much time you have, you can do more but this is usually my minimum. 

Hope these tips helped! What else would you like to see covered in my fitness posts? I'm not gonna lie, I love writing them because they keep me motivated when it comes to my own fitness journey!



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