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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Another Year Wiser...

Dress: Lulu's // Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction // Earrings: Sugarfix by Baublebar via Target // Lips: Mac "Brave"

Yup, it's my birthday! This year I wanted to do an elegant birthday shoot which was shot at one of my favorite photography spots in Rochester: the George Eastman Museum. The plan was to shoot along the gardens with 5-6 confetti balloons in my hand which was such a cute idea in my head. One of the lessons that I seem to be learning again and again in life is that nothing goes as planned. Those 6 balloons that I had in my hand? Three of them managed to pop right when I got there. The other three that I had in my hand? It turned out to be a windy day and we couldn't get any good shots of them! haha. In the past, I would've been super frustrated and hating myself for not "planning" better. But I'm slowly beginning to learn that perfection isn't real and life's too short to get frustrated over everything. So many years, I've spent putting so much time and energy into this idea of perfection and never being satisfied with anything or myself in the end. Do you know how exhausting that is?! Instead, that day I decided to laugh about the entire situation! Seriously we made a mess of that garden and if you follow me on Instagram (@ruyakiraccc) then you would've seen all the confetti that was everywhere! Who cares if it didn't turn out perfect? And the irony is that despite the shoot being less than perfect, it turned out to be my favorite outfit post of all time!

Plus the dress just made everything better! Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and we all know how much I love an exposed back. And I seem to be obsessed with earrings lately and heard about the new Baublebar for Target collection so I went there a couple of weeks ago (everything is selling out so fast!) and picked these up which was the last pair. You can't tell in the photos, but the white part is actually pink marble! So unique. I hope they do more collections together in the future! 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm spending my birthday stuffing my face with good food and doing some good shopping! Have a great weekend everyone!




Monday, February 20, 2017

Simply Spring

Sweater: Forever 21 // Jeans: Paige // Sunglasses: Chanel Signature Pilot // Boots: Kenneth Cole Reaction // Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs // Lips: Mac "Brave" 

Over the weekend, the weather got up to the 50s/60s and for the first time in what seems like months, it was actually sunny out! I always feel awful during the winter time cause it's just constant clouds and snow here in Rochester so it was a nice change which made me excited about spring fashion! I pulled out this pink sweater which has been in the back of my closet for what seems like ages and paired it with my new jeans from Paige. I've never been too picky with my jeans until I discovered this brand and now I'm obsessed cause they're so soft and has tons of stretch! This is my third pair from them and while they are quite an investment, it's totally worth it because of the feel and will last you a long time. 

Outside of the blogging world, it's been a quiet and uneventful couple of weeks for me. I've just been focusing on college and applying for jobs outside of Rochester which is such a struggle and never knew how difficult the process can be! Like most people, I have some fear about the future but strangely,  I'm quite calm about it as well which is so out of character for me haha. I'm usually the type of person that worries about everything but in the past I've learned the hard way that there's no point in worrying about the future because everything has a strange way of working out in the end. 

Thanks for reading, 



Thursday, February 16, 2017

#BloggerBoss: Secrets to Creating a Cohesive Instagram Feed

As embarrassing as this sounds, I've been struggling with creating a cohesive Instagram feed for years now. I've read tons of articles and seen a bunch of Instagram accounts that have a beautiful theme and "aesthetic" (whatever that means haha) yet have never been able to create that kind of perfection on my own feed. Plus every single article that I've read gave the same kind of advice which was vague and not helpful at all. What's a blogger to do?! Last month, I made the decision to really put more time and thought into my feed and understand what I was doing wrong. Slowly I improved and I'm finally seeing some good results. While my feed isn't anywhere close to perfection, I feel much more proud of it and have seen an increase in followers as a result. Here are my best tips for creating a better Instagram feed that represents your brand and will make you a pro at this in no time: 

Define Your Brand 

If you could only choose three words to define your brand, what would they be? Colorful, bright, travel? Minimalist, nature, beauty? Whatever they are, the key to a better Instagram feed is to understand your brand and have those words reflected throughout your feed. 

Stick With A Theme 

Now that you understand your brand, start creating a theme which will represent everything that you brand stands for. For example, my brand is all about being feminine so you'll see a lot of flowers, clothes, jewelry, quotes with a pink background, and beauty items. I rarely post photos of anything else because it wouldn't fit my theme and it would get users that are new to my Instagram and blog confused which results in people unfollowing me. 

Choose a Color Palette 

This was one of the main reasons why I couldn't create a cohesive theme in my past attempts until I finally decided to just make my theme as simple as possible. So what did I do? I chose one color that would show up in the background of all my photos which is white. White is a great color for beginners because you can find white backgrounds anywhere! By having the same color in the background of all your photos, it creates a more cohesive theme. Just remember that the more colors you use, the more complicated it gets so I would recommend sticking to three colors or less. 

Choose One Filter 

A popular and quick way to create a more cohesive theme is to choose one filter and always use that same one in all of your pictures. I rarely use a filter at it's full intensity because it comes across as being too harsh so make sure to tone the filter down. If you decide not to use a filter but still want to edit your photos (exposure, contrast, sharpen, etc.) then make sure to use the same "intensity" in each of your photos. It wouldn't make sense to edit certain photos with more exposure than others, am I right?

Plan Your Feed 

The trick to creating a cohesive feed is to look at your feed as a whole and making sure that each photo that you upload enhances your feed. In order to do this, I recommend apps like UNUM which allows you to plan your feed by adding, subtracting, and moving around your photos so you can see what your feed will look like before you actually upload a new photo to Instagram.

Think About The Arrangement 

Make sure that every photo that you put up is different from the ones next to it. What do I mean by this? For example if you're going to be posting a flat-lay photo, make sure you don't post two of them in a row (unless your entire feed is just flat-lays then it would be cohesive). Every photo that you put up should be different from the one before it which results in a more visually-appealing feed. 

Overall, creating a cohesive and beautiful feed takes some time so don't feel discouraged if you don't get it right away! Just make sure to plan your feed and if it doesn't go with your feed then don't post it! I hoped this post helped and if you have any questions feel free to comment below or email me at



Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Romantic Lace Dress

Dress: c/o Express // Shoes: Steve Madden // Earrings: c/o Swarovski // Lipstick: Maybelline "Divine Wine" // Clutch: Marshalls 

As strange as this sounds, this is actually the first time that I've posted a Valentine's Day outfit for the blog! I fell in love with this dress when I saw it at Express and it's under $100 but it looks so much more expensive! I don't own anything like this in my closet and while I'm not a fan of revealing clothes, I think this is the perfect amount of sexy while still being elegant. Also can we talk about the pleated skirt with the side slit? So unique! I wish I was actually going somewhere fancy for Valentine's Day so I can wear this haha.

Also, how cute are the black swan earrings? I always see the silver swan at Swarovski so I was pleasantly surprised to see that they made this gorgeous black version with the pearls. While the only time that I wear earrings is on special occasions (they usually bother me!), I actually want to wear these on an everyday basis cause they go with everything. If you're looking for a unique but timeless piece to add to your jewelry collection, this is it!

Hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's/Galentine's day!




Friday, February 10, 2017

Relaxed Friday

Top: Target // Leggings: Target // Shoes: Nike // Hat: H&M // Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, old // Lips: Mac "Brave" lipstick

The last time I wore leggings on my blog was in my "Athleisure" post over the summer and I'll admit, I don't wear leggings that often. Even to school! This week I fell in love with these leggings that I found at Target (check in stores cause it looks like it's sold out online or shop similar ones below!) and wore this exact outfit to school the next day and my friends didn't even recognize me haha. But this outfit is just too cute not to wear more often and I still felt put-together and polished. I also added this suede H&M baseball hat to my collection and can't wait to find some other outfits to pair it with.

It's been quiet lately on Sweet, Short & Stylish since I've only been able to update on Mondays and Fridays because of how hectic my school schedule is. Plus I haven't been feeling inspired lately and just don't know what to blog about and don't want to just post content for the sake of posting. I also seemed to have formed a habit of doubting myself and overthinking everything that I'm blogging about. As you can tell, I'm stuck in a rut! If you have any advice, please let me know! On the bright side, I'm working on a new site design with my bestie Chloe and can't wait to show you gals the results. Hopefully that will get me inspired again!

Thanks for reading,




Monday, February 6, 2017

POPSUGAR January Must Have Box

(Received this box complimentary for review purposes by POPSUGAR. All opinions are mine alone.) 

I'm so excited to announce that I'm continuing my partnership with POPSUGAR and they've sent me the January Must Have Box to review! The theme of this box was all about being healthy which I think is perfect since a lot of us are focusing on our health for the new year. Here's what I got:

Goldfaden MD Fresh a Peel Multi Acid Resurfacing Peel 

I'll admit, I've never tried a peel before but I'm looking forward to testing this out and see what the results are going to be like. Peels are typically used to remove dead skin cells and works well for damaged skin from problems such as acne. They also work well if you have dull, dry skin and need some brightness. Overall, I thought this went perfectly with the "health" and "renewal" theme of this month's box.

May Designs Desk Calendar 

I was so excited to see that POPSUGAR had teamed up with May Designs! I actually worked with them for my back to school planner giveaway last year and have been a big fan of their designs. I actually don't own a desk calendar but thought this one was gorgeous and doesn't take up much room on a desk. Plus it came with a little stand! So cute.

Daily Concepts Your Hair Wrap Towel 

I'm not sure why but many subscription boxes seem to include hair towels so I wasn't too excited about this. Probably cause I forget I have these (they're so small!) and use a regular towel on my hair instead haha. On the bright side, this one is super soft and comes in a reusable pouch so you can take it with you when you travel!

Instant Happy Notes

At first when I saw this, I thought it was cute but would I actually use this? Probably not haha. It's just sticky notes with inspirational sayings and illustrations on them. I don't know, I would've preferred another beauty item! haha.

Dean & Deluca Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea

When I interned in NYC, I was obsessed with Dean & Deluca (my wallet, not too much) so this drink is a perfect item to include in this Must Have Box. You can drink it hot or cold and it's quite a generous amount!

Manduka Yoga Mat Towel

I've never actually heard of mat towels before this but it's a sweat-resistant towel that's supposed to go on top of your yoga mat. I don't think it would be too comfortable doing yoga poses with this towel on top (I'm clumsy and would probably slip!) so instead I use it as just a regular towel since I'm usually pouring with sweat during class. Definitely needed!

Glade Coconut and Beach Woods Candle

LOVE the smell of this but too bad I don't use candles! haha. I work part-time at a perfume shop and get a headache easily from fragrances so that's why I stay away from candles.

Overall, there was a lot of stuff that I just don't really need that was included in this month's box and I think others might like it more than me. What can I say, I'm just a picky person lol. But it wasn't completely awful but I'm looking forward to the February box!

Thanks for reading,


Friday, February 3, 2017

Best Tech Gifts For Him & Her

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and while some love the more sweet and sentimental gifts, others prefer something more practical. And what's more practical than technology that you would actually use everyday? That's why I thought this would be the perfect time to share my favorite tech gifts that's perfect for your significant other. 

Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera - For the photographer in your life, this is the perfect camera since it's so compact, has different settings including zoom, flash, and a self-timer option.

Samsung Virtual Reality Headset - I swear, all we ever talk about in my Media Management classes is virtual reality and pretty much every guy I know is interested in owning a headset. This one's budget-friendly and I've heard that it's lightweight compared to other headsets.

Samsung Gear S3 Watch - While I love the Apple Watch, the Samsung Gear is a more sleek option for a guy that's constantly at the office or likes to put a little more effort into what he wears.

SEGA Genesis Wireless Game Console - For the guys that miss the days of old school video games then this is a great gift and comes with 80 preloaded games.

Google Home - For the guy who always needs the newest tech gear, Google Home which is a voice-activated assistant, is probably one of the most exciting tech gifts to give to your loved one. Everyone could use an assistant right? 

Beats Wireless Headphones - There's nothing more stylish than Beats headphones and I love the new rose gold ones (or if you're looking to get these for your man then they would be called "Bro's Gold" haha). Plus they're super comfortable to take with you to the gym since they're wireless!

Michael Kors Smartwatch - Obsessed with the smartwatches that Michael Kors released which is easy to use and looks nothing like a regular smartwatch. Perfect for a fashionista or a watch-lover.

Crosley Record Player - If you're an old soul like me, then the iconic Crosley record players from Urban Outfitters is right up your alley. I'm a big fan of the blush pink color but they come in many different patterns.

Prynt Smartphone Photo Printer - I love this photo printer that easily fits into your purse and prints photo straight from your smartphone in seconds. Perfect to capture some memories on Valentine's Day!

Rose Gold Fitbit Bangle Bracelet - Everyone that I know owns a Fitbit but I'm just not a big fan of the regular designs but this bangle bracelet caught my eye. The design is so sleek and is perfect to layer with other bracelets.

Kate Spade Roses iPhone Case - Every year Kate Spade comes out with a beautiful collection for Valentine's Day and this case was a part of it this year. I love the "In Full Bloom" writing and it's perfect for a girly-girl!

Thanks for reading,


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