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Monday, January 30, 2017

Why You Need To Start Doing Yoga

Hi ladies! I'm back with another health post cause you gals loved my How to Stay Motivated To Lose Weight post so much that it's now one of my all-time most viewed posts! Thank you to everyone that read it! Today I'm talking all about my experience with yoga and how it's changed me for the better. I've been going to yoga classes for more than a year now and I don't know what I would do without it! I used to wonder why people would love it so much, I mean the class is just breathing and stretching right? So wrong! It's so much more than that and I consider to be a great workout (especially the more difficult classes!) and encourage everyone to go to a class at least once a week and see the difference. Here's why: 

Say Goodbye To Overthinking 

I'm one of those people that just don't know how to stop overthinking and always gets nervous about everything! On top of it, I'm a workaholic so I'm constantly going through stress and burn-out. I've always struggled with relaxing yet yoga forces you to slow down and shut your mind off. I seriously have no thoughts when I'm in a yoga class cause I'm too busy trying to hold a pose or working on my breathing. Do you have any idea how hard it is for ME to not think?! I never thought I would actually be able to accomplish it but it's happened. 

You're In Control Again 

While yoga taught me to shut my mind off, there was also times where it's given me moments of clarity and I've been able to come across some great solutions to problems in my life. For some reason it always happen towards the end of a yoga class right when we're doing the corpse pose (aka lying down and completely exhausted) and I realize that my problems aren't as big as I thought they were. It's a wonderful feeling to feel like you're in control again and capable of taking on anything!

Weight Loss

I remember being shocked after taking my first yoga class cause I didn't expect to be sweating so much! It was like I went to the gym! There's many different types of yoga classes out there and more vigorous and fast-paced styles such as Bikram can help you to break a sweat and lose weight. It's great if you're bored of being in a gym and want to switch up your workouts and do something different. Your body will thank you! 

Letting Go Of Perfection

If you're like me and have a high-strung personality then chances are you're also a perfectionist. In yoga, perfection isn't the goal and no one cares if you mess up a move. It's all about being relaxed and doing what makes you feel better. At first when I started taking classes, I was so focused on getting the moves right that I couldn't enjoy the classes. Yet once I let go of that belief, I felt so much better and realized that I needed to let go of perfection outside of the yoga class as well. 

Cute Yoga Clothes, Duh 

Lastly, one of my favorite reasons why you should attend a yoga class is because you can wear cute clothes! haha. Are you that surprised to hear this from a fashion blogger? I instantly feel better when I walk into a yoga class wearing a new outfit and get so much fashion inspiration when I see others wearing the latest styles as well. I linked some of my favorite clothes for yoga below including the bralette that I'm wearing in the picture above! 

Thanks for reading and I hope this encourages you to at least give yoga a try and see what all the hype is about!




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  1. I've always told myself that yoga isn't for me, but I'm also an overthinker and a total stress head. I'm going to look around for a class :)


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