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Monday, January 30, 2017

Why You Need To Start Doing Yoga

Hi ladies! I'm back with another health post cause you gals loved my How to Stay Motivated To Lose Weight post so much that it's now one of my all-time most viewed posts! Thank you to everyone that read it! Today I'm talking all about my experience with yoga and how it's changed me for the better. I've been going to yoga classes for more than a year now and I don't know what I would do without it! I used to wonder why people would love it so much, I mean the class is just breathing and stretching right? So wrong! It's so much more than that and I consider to be a great workout (especially the more difficult classes!) and encourage everyone to go to a class at least once a week and see the difference. Here's why: 

Say Goodbye To Overthinking 

I'm one of those people that just don't know how to stop overthinking and always gets nervous about everything! On top of it, I'm a workaholic so I'm constantly going through stress and burn-out. I've always struggled with relaxing yet yoga forces you to slow down and shut your mind off. I seriously have no thoughts when I'm in a yoga class cause I'm too busy trying to hold a pose or working on my breathing. Do you have any idea how hard it is for ME to not think?! I never thought I would actually be able to accomplish it but it's happened. 

You're In Control Again 

While yoga taught me to shut my mind off, there was also times where it's given me moments of clarity and I've been able to come across some great solutions to problems in my life. For some reason it always happen towards the end of a yoga class right when we're doing the corpse pose (aka lying down and completely exhausted) and I realize that my problems aren't as big as I thought they were. It's a wonderful feeling to feel like you're in control again and capable of taking on anything!

Weight Loss

I remember being shocked after taking my first yoga class cause I didn't expect to be sweating so much! It was like I went to the gym! There's many different types of yoga classes out there and more vigorous and fast-paced styles such as Bikram can help you to break a sweat and lose weight. It's great if you're bored of being in a gym and want to switch up your workouts and do something different. Your body will thank you! 

Letting Go Of Perfection

If you're like me and have a high-strung personality then chances are you're also a perfectionist. In yoga, perfection isn't the goal and no one cares if you mess up a move. It's all about being relaxed and doing what makes you feel better. At first when I started taking classes, I was so focused on getting the moves right that I couldn't enjoy the classes. Yet once I let go of that belief, I felt so much better and realized that I needed to let go of perfection outside of the yoga class as well. 

Cute Yoga Clothes, Duh 

Lastly, one of my favorite reasons why you should attend a yoga class is because you can wear cute clothes! haha. Are you that surprised to hear this from a fashion blogger? I instantly feel better when I walk into a yoga class wearing a new outfit and get so much fashion inspiration when I see others wearing the latest styles as well. I linked some of my favorite clothes for yoga below including the bralette that I'm wearing in the picture above! 

Thanks for reading and I hope this encourages you to at least give yoga a try and see what all the hype is about!




Friday, January 27, 2017

Classic Winter Look

Sweater: Who What Wear collection via Target // Jeans: J. Crew // Bag: Target // Lips: Mac "Twig" // Shoes: Steve Madden // Sunglasses: Chanel 

Hi ladies! It's been a while since I've done an outfit post! Last week college started (I can't believe it's my last semester! it's bittersweet) and I've been trying to adjust to a crazy schedule as well as recovering from wisdom tooth surgery so I can shoot again. As you can tell in these pics, I'm still having a hard time smiling since my jaw feels so sore haha but I tried! 

These days I'm sticking to cozy sweaters such as this new one that I got from the latest Who What Wear collection (still in love with this bomber jacket that I was wearing in the fall) that has bell sleeves and is made from the softest material! As strange as this sounds, the material reminds me of a soft towel! haha. I'm not sure what it's called but it's the perfect sweater if you live in warm climates since it won't make you sweat. It's a pretty simple sweater that has black trim on the neckline and sleeves which gives it a little something. Unfortunately it's not available online but check in stores! My Target obsession continues with this purple cross body that I always forget I have and is unfortunately no longer in stores but I linked some similar ones below. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 



Monday, January 23, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Hi ladies! Sorry I haven't been posting in a while, I've been busy since school started last week but this week I'll be back to my regular posting schedule. I decided to start the week with this Valentine's Day gift guide since it'll be here before you know it. I'm loving this black lace Self Portrait dress and this pink velvet dress that's sweet with just the right amount of skin for a Valentine's Day dinner. Also how could I not include these gorgeous pink velvet heels with the gold block heel? So gorgeous and budget friendly! If you're looking to get a new fragrance that's soft, sweet, and sophisticated then I recommend Prada Candy Kiss. As for the beauty lovers, I've been looking into investing in some Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and not only are the shades gorgeous but the case is rose gold! And speaking of rose gold, I've been into Alex and Ani lately and this rose gold version is lovely. Lastly this clutch is adorable and these black swan earrings are on my birthday wishlist (my birthday's the week after Valentine's Day!).

What are you eyeing for Valentine's Day? Let me know below!





Monday, January 16, 2017

How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight

Today marks 4 years since I've decided to live a healthier lifestyle and ended up losing 20 pounds! I know this time of year everyone's working hard to lose weight and the first couple of weeks can be the hardest since it's such a big change. For me personally, the first couple of weeks were rough and I remember feeling frustrated when I wasn't seeing quick results and had to fight the urge not to quit. Luckily I didn't and I can confirm that this whole thing was worth it! It's just all about how motivated you are to stick to it. That's why I thought this would be the perfect time to share my best tips for staying motivated so you can reach your goals. Here we go:


Go With A Friend
In the beginning, I would feel too awkward to go the gym by myself (now it's the complete opposite! I love working out by myself!) and would always bring a friend along. It was super helpful since it's a lot more fun to have someone to talk to and we always ended up staying there longer and trying new machines.

Take Weekly Pictures
There's no better feeling than noticing your weight loss progress in pictures. Try to take weekly pictures of yourself (I usually do a mirror pic) and then compare them side by side after a couple of weeks and even the smallest difference will motivate you to keep going. 

Don't Weigh Yourself
I remember losing motivation whenever I saw that the scale was telling me that I haven't lost weight. If you're doing a lot of weight lifting (which you should be!) then there's no point in looking at a scale since muscle gains more than fat. Instead base your weight loss on how loose your clothes are getting! Trust me, the scale has no purpose and looking at it just makes you paranoid and depressed.

Always Switch Workouts
One of the reasons why people tend to lose motivation quickly is because they get tired of doing the same old things. That's why it's nice to switch up your workouts so take a walk around your gym and see what machines you haven't tried yet and give them a try. If you're tired of being in a gym, head to a swimming pool or take cycling or yoga classes! And yes, yoga can be a workout! There's tons of ways to get some exercise in and results will come quicker since your body is constantly being challenged.

Change Your Eating Habits Slowly
Changing your diet overnight is difficult and you're bound to mess up a few weeks (or days!) later. Instead focus on slowly changing your diet by making one new change per week. For example, the first week focus on drinking more water. The next week focus on eating more fruits and vegetables. The third week focus on decreasing the amount of sweets you have. This way your body has time to adjust to the changes and you're more likely to feel motivated once you accomplish each change.

Have Something To Look Forward To When You're At The Gym
If you look forward to going to the gym, then the odds are that you'll go more often. Try making some workout playlists which has new music on there that you haven't listened to a lot or bring your iPad and choose a show that you'll only watch at the gym and no place else. This way, you'll trick your mind into believing that the gym is a place to enjoy rather than just another task to get off your to do list.

Stylish Workout Clothes
While I know the athleisure trend is still going strong, I have specific work out clothes that are just meant for the gym. There's so many cute options that are affordable and will motivate you to go to the gym more often! I linked all my favorites below: 

Hope these tips helped and I hope everyone reaches their weight loss goals this year! Should I do more fitness posts? Comment down below!


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winter Blue

Coat: J. Crew, old // Pants: J. Crew // Shoes: Sam Edelman // Hat: Marshalls // Bag: Tory Burch Marion Crossbody, old // Lips: Marc Jacobs Lip Cream in "Truth or Bare"

Winter is the toughest time for me to dress up stylish, that's why you won't see too many outfit posts this time of year unless the weather gets better. The day this was shot it was actually 20 degrees and the whole time I was thinking to myself: "why did I wear heels?!" big mistake, especially with the salt on the ground. But hey, it just worked with the look. Plus the salt and the way the shadows reflect the ground made this an interesting background for an outfit haha. I purchased this mint blue coat from J. Crew last year and I can always depend on it to make any boring outfit look better and keeps me super warm since it's wool. I linked it in other colors below and I highly recommend you buy one since it's so cozy. 

I've also been going through a hat phase in 2016 and it seems to continue this year as well. First it was knit beanies like the one I wore for my Tobi collab, then baseball hats like the silk one I wore in my athleisure post, and now this one which my friend likes to call my "hipster-coffee shop hat" haha. Hats are great if you're someone like me that's too lazy to do your hair but still want something that makes you look put-together. 

Thanks for reading, 




Monday, January 9, 2017

Instagram Worthy Coffee Shops in Rochester

Hi everyone! As promised more local posts! Today I'm going to be talking about one of my favorite things and that's coffee. Every weekend, my best friend and I are usually at a coffee shop and we've discovered that the local Rochester, NY coffee scene is pretty great (now if only the shopping scene improved...). One of the qualities that we look for when we check out a new coffee shop is if it's "Instagram-worthy" or not which basically means can we take a good picture in there? How's the aesthetic? Are there good vibes? haha. Don't lie, you look for those qualities too. That's why I thought I'd share my favorite spots to get some pretty amazing coffee and even more amazing pictures for Instagram. Here they are:

Java's Cafe (Gibbs Street Location) 

Located right next to the Eastman School of Music (another great place to take pics), there's Java's which looks small on the outside but has tons of seats on the inside! Plus they make the Chocolate Sitch which is a must if you're a chocolate fan! Just don't go to the bathroom cause it's downstairs in the basement and all my friends say it's a pretty creepy experience.

Starry Nights 

Whether I'm sitting indoors and outdoors, I love Starry Nights. Inside, they have the huge Starry Nights painting which makes for a great pic as well as a lot of healthy, gluten-free food options. Did I mention the street that it's on is also gorgeous? We shot this look during the fall on that street and this ended up becoming one of my most-viewed outfit posts!

Ugly Duck Coffee 

If you're a fan of black and white and minimalism, then this place is for you. Also the baristas are super nice and there's no pretentious vibes here (can't say the same thing about Joe Bean! ugh). Unfortunately, they don't have a lot of seating so don't come here during the weekend.

Cafe Sasso

99% of the time, I'm at Sasso. The walls are filled with interesting artwork, there's plenty of seating (I prefer the yellow couch or the window seats where you can take a nice pic of your coffee with tons of natural lighting), and most of all it feels cozy and just like home. Only bad thing I have to say is that I'm not too crazy about the food. It's not awful, but it's not great either.

Glen Edith

Right behind Sasso, is Glen Edith and I'm pretty sure this is the most popular coffee shop in Rochester. They have amazing seasonal drinks and did I mention the waffles? So soft, filling, and they serve it all day! Also, the aesthetic. It's just perfect. The only bad thing I have to say about this place is that they're always crowded!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I had so much fun writing this and didn't know that I had so many coffee pics haha. Let me know what other local kinds of posts you would like to see on the blog by commenting down below.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Cozy Lace

Sweater: Aerie // Bra: Aerie, old // Jeans: J. Crew // Boots: Kenneth Cole // Lips: c/o Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Creme in "Truth or Bare" // Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs 

Lately, I've been checking out the post-holiday sales (which funny enough, has more summer stuff than winter) and found this off the shoulder sweater on sale for $33! I swear, Aerie has the softest sweaters and they pair perfectly with a lace bralette which they had tons on sale for under $20. The one that I'm wearing is an old one from there that I got over the summer but never had a chance to wear so it worked out perfectly! I made a post about the open back shirt and lace bralette trend here but this is the first time that I've tried it with an off the shoulder sweater. I can't tell you how many compliments I got after only wearing it once! It's a nice way to update your winter wardrobe and make it more unique. 

What are some winter sales you've been checking out lately? Comment down below! 



Tuesday, January 3, 2017

POPSUGAR December Must Have Box

 (Received this box complimentary from POPSUGAR for review purposes. All opinions are mine alone.) 
Hi ladies! Hope everyone had a great New Years! Here's my first post of the 2017: a review of the December Must Have Box from POPSUGAR! I actually got this a couple of weeks ago but completely forgot about during the holiday madness. Here's what I got: 

Right when the mailman gave me the box, the first thing that I noticed was how heavy it was! That was because they included this matching porcelain vanity plate (is that what it's called? what's the technical word for this haha) and ring dish from the brand Odeme. Well I'm impressed! I never would've thought something like this would be included in a subscription box but POPSUGAR surprised me again! This is perfect to have on your vanity so you can organize your jewelry. I've actually seen this brand sold at West Elm and seems to be a high quality product. 

On the plate, you'll notice the sparkly bobby pins from Mane Message which I thought was cute for the holidays but I don't really wear bobby pins so I might just give these away to someone younger. Is it just me or are they a little too childish? lol. I don't know...

Next is the Dessange Color Protecting Top Coat Serum which is meant for color-treated hair (although anyone can use it) and helps to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy. The timing of this couldn't be anymore perfect since I've been complaining lately about my hair looking dead and dull so I can't wait to try this! 

The Winky Lux Lip Pill in "Bunny" was also included which is a matte, raspberry color which I can imagine is flattering on so many skin tones. It's made from cruelty-free ingredients and I love the shiny design on the tube.
BaubleBar is right up my alley! They included the Snowfall Pendant which is a POPSUGAR exclusive and has this modern and futuristic design which I love. I will say it's a bit heavy on my neck but maybe that's because I'm not used to wearing necklaces all the time.
Lastly, the Sisters Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix is so adorable and such a creative item to include in a subscription box! I can't wait to try this over winter break. 

Overall, I'm happy with the December box and never would've thought they would include certain items such as the cookie mix and dishes so I was definitely surprised. I wish they skipped the bobby pins and included something else but what can you do. If you would like to get $5 off your first Must Have Box make sure to use the code "SHOP5". POPSUGAR also offers a mini version of their subscription service for $18.95 which includes shipping (which I've never tried but it sounds like a good deal!). 

Thanks for reading, 

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