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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Best of 2017

I can't believe it's the end of the most crazy, exciting, and sometimes scary year that I had! 2017 was definitely a year to remember (or in America's case, a year that we all want to forget haha) and it feels like I've changed so much since 2016. This year was defiantly one filled with accomplishments and risks such as graduating college and achieving my life's dream of moving out of Rochester yet also filled with lessons like realizing how important it is to appreciate family and to look after one another because you never know what's going to happen in the future. As far as blogging goes, it was another year of improvement and I can't wait to try out new things in 2018! Here's what was so popular this year: 

One of the last outfits that I shot in Rochester before I moved to Dallas was this one at the George Eastman Museum and it's always so special to me since it represents my favorite season: summer! Plus there's tons of gorgeous details like the green background (I rarely do green on my blog anymore  cause it doesn't go with my all-white Instagram theme haha), the charming mansion, and the accessories such as this Zara circle bag which became a hit on Pinterest. I just wish my roots were dyed but not everything in life can be perfect! LOL. 

One of the new things that I introduced to my blog in 2017 is DIY posts which has always been a dream of myn since I'm a huge DIY fan but I've always been too lazy to come up with DIY's of my own until this year haha. While I only did three posts such as a Chanel pumpkin and how to create lace hem jeans, the most popular was this Holly Golightly costume just in time for Halloween. 

I'm actually surprised that this is my most popular beauty post this year (although I have to say another year has gone by where I haven't done much in the beauty department, something to look forward to in 2018!) yet I think posts that involve all sorts of budgets can be really helpful!

In late October, my Grandma had suffered from a stroke and it was a huge wake up call for me when it comes to my perspective on life and one night while I was staying at the hospital I had the strong urge to write and this post was a result of it. I never expected the incredible amount of support and encouragement I received from so many lovely readers and will never forget it for the rest of my life. It taught me that while it can be difficult to open up and talk about deeper things on Sweet, Short & Stylish (this is a girly fashion blog after all!), I think these types of posts can make bloggers seem more human and it's something that we should all do more often. 

Last year I really wanted to do a shoot with a Christmas tree but I just didn't do the best when it comes to decorating so this year I decided to go all out and it's nice to see that this became the most popular holiday post! 

I love everything about weddings and I'm pretty sure if I hadn't gone to college to study Media Management then I would've become a wedding planner! Cliche but true. That's why this American Greetings collaboration was one of my favorites from this year and I would love to get into more bridal-themed posts but too bad I'm not getting married anytime soon LOL (did that sound selfish? To get married so I can create more wedding blog posts? I'm sure it did, whatever haha).

Hands down, my favorite post in 2017 was my college graduation post where I talked about my college experience and how life simply keeps getting better regardless if you had a good college experience or not. Another reason why this post is so special to me is because my best friend had shot them on a quiet day on campus and since I no longer live in Rochester, at least I have these pictures and can always look back on my days in college. So bittersweet! It feels like ages ago even though it was back in May. 

2018, let's do this! Wishing everyone a happy New Year! 


Friday, December 29, 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Move to Dallas

I can't believe it's been three months since I moved from my small hometown of Rochester, NY to Dallas! It's taken years for me to figure out what city to move to one day (it was always my life's dream and now it feels weird cause I need to find a new dream to focus on!) and after tons of research, I finally decided to take a big risk and just move to Dallas without even visiting the city first! Luckily, all my research turned out to be correct and I ended up falling in love with the city right when I stepped off the plane and I'm not the only one! Nearly 300 people are moving here per day! In case you feel like taking some chances in 2018 and looking for a new city to move to, then here are the reasons why you should choose Dallas: 

1. The Job Market

One of the main reasons why I decided to move to Dallas is because of the incredible job opportunities here! Do a quick Google search and you'll find that Dallas is constantly on the top of the list of cities that's exploded with job growth and security. In fact, Forbes just named it the number one big city for jobs with 2.55 million jobs avaliable. This is probably because there's so many corporate headquarters moving here. Some great companies that are here is Toyota, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Dr. Pepper/Snapple, and Hewlett Packard as well as tons of start ups and entrepreneurship opportunities. 

2. Low Cost of Living

Since I never lived in a big city before, I was quite nervous to move to one since I knew that rent can be outrageous. After hearing about the cost of living being lower in Dallas compared to other big cities, I decided to start researching apartments and I can confirm you get more for what you pay for. Most apartments here come with a garage, balcony, walk-in closet, gym, and pool meanwhile my apartment in Rochester was a one bedroom for $800 and didn't come with any of these things. Of course it all depends on which neighborhood you choose to live in but for the most part, I found Dallas to be affordable. Also if you're a homeowner then you have a huge advantage here since Texas in general is a good place to buy a spacious home for a better deal than what you would get in other big cities. 

3. It Really Is The Friendly State

I underestimated how friendly and kind people in Texas are! I always heard about southern hospitality but I assumed that since most people that live in Dallas aren't originally from there, then it must've been lost but I was wrong. People are so warm here and do things like saying hello when you're walking down the street or wanting to get to know you when you mention that you're not originally from Dallas. The city isn't intimidating at all and making friends is so much easier when the people are friendly. As a result, it's made me want to be more of a friendly and down to earth person and spread good vibes wherever I go.

4. Exploring Dallas

Back in Rochester, I always felt limited by the things that the city offered because it was so small and there wasn't much growth. In Dallas, there's always something to do! There's tons of trendy restaurants (we take food so seriously here haha), amazing photography spots like the Reunion Tower and the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, events like pop-up shops like the one Glossier threw back in November, and holiday events like Holiday Wonder at Fair Park. The possibilities are endless and the city just keeps growing constantly with new places opening each week. I can't wait to explore more of this city. 

5. The Shopping Scene

Dallas is defiantly a fashion city -  seriously what store don't we have in Dallas?! There's nothing missing! You can find everything from big department stores like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus (check out the original NM in downtown) as well as luxury shops like Dior and Chanel at Highland Park Village as well as TONS of chic consignment stores and boutiques. The shopping is endless! And I love the fact that you can actually walk around here in your most stylish clothes and completely blend in with everyone else cause everyone dresses amazing here! 

I hope this helps anyone who's on the hunt for a new city to move to! 


Saturday, December 23, 2017

How to Wear Dark Lipstick

I love the holidays cause beauty looks always get bolder and more glamorous this time of year which means it's totally acceptable to wear dark lipstick! While dark lipstick can be intimidating to wear at first, the end result always looks so chic and works for many occasions during the holidays. I thought I'd share some of my best tips for pulling off dark lipstick without looking scary. Here's how: 

F I N D  Y O U R  U N D E R T O N E 

When it comes to lipstick, certain shades flatter you more than other ones and that's because of undertone. Before you purchase a dark lipstick, make sure to test them out in stores first and see which undertone works for you. Generally, if you have light blue/green eyes then any dark color with a pink base will flatter your eyes while brown eyes can pull off dark Burgundy lipsticks more. Personally, I always go for something blue-based (such as the lipstick that I'm wearing in the picture above) which makes teeth look whiter and looks flattering on all eye colors and is really easy to pick out in stores. 

E X F O L I A T E  &  M O I S T U R I Z E

Dark lipstick can easily enhance all the flaws on your lips so make sure to use a good lip scrub (I linked some of my favorites at the end of this post!) as well as a moisturizing lip balm which I would leave on for at least 15 minutes before wiping off (if your lip balm doesn't soak into your lips) so you can apply the lipstick. 

K E E P  T H E  E Y E S  S I M P L E 

In order to balance out a dark lip color, make sure to avoid any smokey eyes and go for a simple eye look like a matte light brown eyeshadow (probably one of the most universally flattering shade on all eye colors!), eyeliner, and some mascara. Nothing fancy! You want the lip color to stand out and be the focus of the look. Also make sure to make your skin look spotless without any redness or dark circles since dark lip colors can accentuate discoloration on the face. 

A P P L Y  W I T H  A  L I P  B R U S H

Dark lipstick can be difficult to apply straight from the tube (it's quite messy and even if you try to wipe it off your face, it leaves a stain!) so I always go for a lip brush and apply it in layers. The first layer will always be the lightest and looks more like a flush of color which works if you want to pull off dark lipstick for the daytime. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! What's your favorite dark lipstick? Let me know below!


Monday, December 18, 2017

Gift Guide: For The Blogger

The very last gift guide of the season, it's bittersweet cause it means Christmas is almost here and then New Year's and then it's all over! It's strange how the entire year feels like it's dragging and then the holidays come around and then it's just flying by. Anyways, for my last gift guide I decided to dedicate it to us bloggers! It can be tricky finding us some cute gifts for Christmas that are both functional and Instagram-worthy (cause that's very important in life haha!) but I managed to search around and find gifts that I'm sure every blogger can use in their lives. Here's what I'm loving: 

Lumee Duo Light iPhone Case - As much as I love those clip-on lights for the iPhone, I'll admit I tend to forget them at home and always find myself needing one when I'm out. That's what I love about this phone case, it actually has two built-in lights which you can turn on when you need a good selfie or just some better lighting for a flat-lay. 

Kate Spade Make Mine a Double Thermal Mug - Perfect for a coffee addict or just a Kate Spade lover.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation - Every blogger needs a good foundation for photo opportunities and this one was voted one of the best for photography by make up artists! It is quite the splurge but a little goes a long way.

Let's Talk Shop Notepad Folio - I never carry a planner around but I always need to jot down some notes if I'm at an event or I'm meeting someone important for coffee so that's why this notepad works perfectly. 

Personalized Camera Bag - Anything personalized is the perfect gift in my book! Plus it's Instagram-worthy and fits all of the essentials. 

Boss Lady Docking Station - On sale now! Perfect if you need to charge your phone but don't want to sit next to an outlet all day and need to get some work done at your desk. 

Felt Letter Board - Another Instagram-worthy essential! Plus great to use as decor at parties and events. 

Dolce & Gabbana Card Holder - I love the combination of florals and classic black on this card holder which is both professional and girly. 

Michael Kors x Fujifilm Camera - This is perfect for a blogger's night out and is so sleek and even comes with a crossbody chain. 

Hope you enjoyed this gift guide! Make sure to order soon since Christmas is right around the corner!


Monday, December 11, 2017

The Perfect Coat For a Southern Winter

Coat: Zara (exact) // Jeans: Paige // Hat: Zara (exact) // Clutch: Louis Vuitton via The Real Real // Boots: Ann Taylor // Lips: Chanel "Mademoiselle" Lipstick

This is my first winter in Dallas and for the first time ever I can say I LOVE WINTER. The weather has mostly been sunny and in the 60s/70s (feels like a dream come true!) but we've had a few days where it's been chilly enough to wear a coat so I've been taking advantage and bought this blush pink coat that I scored for 30% off during the Zara Black Friday sale. Even though it's listed in the coats section of the website, it's actually more like a thick long blazer and perfect to wear for a warm winter. It also has these gorgeous silver buttons on the sleeves and the front which makes it look so much more expensive than it is. I highly recommend it especially if you're a short girl cause it'll hit right above your knees and the length won't be too awkward like other long coats. 

Also let's talk about the newsboy cap trend, I love wearing hats during the winter but it's too warm to wear beanies so the newsboy cap is a perfect hat to wear all year round and it's so flattering especially on round faces. Lastly, the BOOTS. I'm in love with the tortoise shell heel which is so unique and these boots are so comfortable to walk in all day. 

I can't believe I'm saying this but I can't wait to shoot more looks this winter! 

Hope you enjoyed this post,


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Gift Guide: $15 & Under Stocking Stuffers

There's just something so adorable about stocking stuffer gifts and the best part is you don't have to break the bank in order to buy them! I decided to make a gift guide for the perfect little gifts that you can give to your best friends, colleagues, or even for yourself and they're all under $15. Here's what I'm loving: 

Hope you guys liked this gift guide! Any other ideas for future gift guides? I'd love to know!


Saturday, December 2, 2017

How to Create a Pinterest-Worthy Christmas Tree

It's December which means it's officially okay to talk about Christmas all the time now! haha. One of my favorite ways to kickstart the holiday season is to decorate my Christmas tree and this year I decided to get more creative and aim for something Pinterest-worthy and unique. Here are some of my best tips for making your tree stand out:

P I C K  A  T H E M E

The first step to creating a beautiful Christmas tree is to really think about what kind of theme you're going for. Traditional? Tropical? Black and white? This year, I decided to go with a feminine theme which means tons of bow, roses, and glittery things. There's so many possibilities and tons of inspiration online such as this Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired tree which I plan to recreate next year! Once you have a theme, everything else gets easier since you'll know what kind of ornaments and decor to buy.

C O L O R  P A L E T T E

Last year, I didn't have any ideas on what kind of colors to work with for my tree so I just bought random ornaments and placed them on the tree and that was that. While the tree looked pretty, there was nothing really special about it since everything was so random. When you stick to a color palette, the tree looks so much more organized and makes it look as if you put in a lot of effort to it. I recommend sticking to four colors or less or else it starts to look messy. I used white, blush pink, gold, and silver.

C R E A T E  Y O U R  O W N  O R N A M E N T S

An easy way to make your tree stand out is to make your own ornaments! Not only is it so much more affordable than buying fancy ornaments but if you can't find anything that will go with your theme then creating them yourself will be so much easier. In my tree, I actually bought some fake roses and white glitter branches placed them all around the tree as well as the big huge bow on top which gave it a unique touch and was a lot cheaper than buying them pre-made.

S K I P  T H E  S T A R

For some reason, I never found a beautiful star to place on top of my tree so I started looking for other alternatives. Since I was going for a feminine theme, placing a bow on top only seemed natural. I bought some striped ribbon which has built-in wire in order to help give it shape and make it more 3-D and simply tied it a few times in order to make a gigantic bow. It worked perfectly and stood out since it's the only patterned item on my tree. Other ideas that would work instead of a star are feathers, a Santa hat (so cute!), and I've even seen someone place a plastic glitter deer figurine on top!

I hope you gals enjoyed this post! Any other ideas for creating the perfect Christmas tree? I'd love to know!


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Gift Guide: For The Zodiac Addict

I've mentioned my love for all things zodiac a couple of times on the blog (just in case you're wondering I'm #teampisces *insert hands up emoji here*) and lately it feels like zodiac things have become super popular and have been popping up everywhere! I thought I'd get creative with my gift guides and put together this zodiac guide that's perfect for anyone that's obsessed with learning more about the stars and includes more subtle gifts as well since I know zodiac things can get kinda cheesy. Happy shopping! 

1. Capri Blue Mini Zodiac Candle - Everyone loves a good candle and this one is so pretty with the silver cap and makes a perfect home decor gift. Plus it's only $14!

2. Formations Zodiac Mug - I love these mugs not only because they have the sign characteristics on them but the zodiac symbol on the inside of the mug. So cute!

3. Demeter Zodiac Perfume - As someone who's worked at a perfume shop all throughout college, this is the first time that I heard about zodiac perfume! Such a clever idea and I'm curious to see how they all smell. Plus it's only $40 and sold at Anthropologie which means it must be good quality yet you can't beat the price.

4. The Golden Book of Fortune Telling Book - I was actually standing in line at Z Gallerie when I picked up this book and skimmed through a few pages. It's packed with tons of zodiac and other "mystical" advice in it and is small and compact so you can take it with you anywhere. 

5. Alex & Ani Constellation Charm - I'm a huge Alex & Ani fan and was shocked to find that they came out with a new Zodiac collection and got rid of the old ones (my very first charm was the Pisces one!) and replaced them with the Zodiac constellation collection. Of course I instantly put in an order! The constellation look is much more subtle yet has the sign written on the back.

6. Lulu Frost Constellation Ring - If you're looking for a more high quality piece of zodiac jewelry then I highly recommend these Lulu Frost constellation rings. It's defiantly a conversation-starter since most people don't know what their zodiac sign looks like as a constellation. Plus it's just so dainty and eye catching!

7. The Signs: A Guide to Modern Astrology Book - If you're looking for a full size book that explains everything about astrology then look no further than this book. I actually own it myself and it's such a fun book to read!

8. Anthropologie Hammered Zodiac Trinket Dish - This trinket dish is such a unique gift and the matte gold is just so classy and would look perfect on a vanity. 

Hope you gals enjoyed this gift guide! Any other gift guide ideas? I'd love to know!


Monday, November 27, 2017

Stripes, Bows, & Other Things

Top: J. Crew (40% off now!) // Jeans: J. Crew (40% off) // Boots: Ann Taylor (50% off) // Sunglasses: Dior "Origins" // Lips: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick in "Libre" // Bag: Madison West, sold out (similar) 

I can't believe it's the end of November and I'm over here wearing an off the shoulder top and the weather isn't freezing! Have I mentioned how much I love Dallas? haha. I'm still getting used to the fact that I'm never going to see ridiculous amounts of snow and I'm not complaining! Over the years on the blog, I've complained so much about Rochester winters and it's feels worse when you're a blogger and you want to shoot outside but can't. Good weather makes life so much easier and quite honestly this whole thing feels like a dream come true. Alright, I'll stop now for all you Northern gals haha. 

I hope everyone scored some great deals on Black Friday! Of course the sales never seem to end since today is Cyber Monday. Luckily this top is still available in all sizes and on sale for an extra 40% off with the code "SHOPFAST" today. While I have tons of off the shoulder tops in my closet, this one's special to me since the bows are just so feminine and eye catching with the stripes. Plus it's so comfortable to wear since it won't move up and down on your shoulders constantly throughout the day like other OTS tops. These black ankle boots that I'm wearing are also 50% off today and if you follow me on Instagram, you might've seen the picture where I show the tortoise shell heels which sadly I forgot to take pictures of. It feels like it's been forever since I've stepped outside for an outfit shoot so it feels like I forgot how the whole thing worked. Seriously guys, I forgot how to pose which explains why I only posted three pics of this look! It's that bad haha.

Lastly, a special thank you to everyone for the kind words and support through the difficult process of helping a loved one recover from a stroke. After staying in the hospital with my Grandma for a total of 28 days, we were finally able to go home and now she's doing much better. I didn't know the meaning of gratitude until I went through this experience. In order to spread the kindness and give back, I'm doing TONS of giveaways in December which will mostly be on Instagram (@ruyakiraccc) so keep an eye out and don't miss out! 

Hope everyone has a great Monday! 


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Black Friday & Cyber Week Sales

Hi ladies! It looks like Black Friday and Cyber sales are starting early this year so I thought I should round up all of my favorite sales on here as well as the items that are on the top of my list. I also included the codes that are needed as well as the dates so your online shopping can be easier! I know it can get overwhelming although not as overwhelming as actually physically going into these stores haha, who else likes to skip the lines and just stay at home? Here are all my favorite sales going on but make sure to hurry up because things are already running out! 


ASOS  - 30% off everything until 11/28 with code EPIC30


J. Crew - 40% off everything until 11/26


Club Monaco - 25% off $150, 30% off $250+, and 35% off $400


Express - 50% off everything and Express NEXT members can earn 2x the points when you spend over $125


Topshop - Save up to 50% off + free worldwide shipping


Urban Outfitters - Buy one, get one 50% off everything


Madewell - 25% off everything until 11/26 with code DONTSTRESS
Nordstrom - 20% off select sale items 


Shopbop - get 20% off orders of $200+, 25% off orders of $500+, and 30% off orders of $800+ with code MORE17 until 11/26


Tory Burch - 30% off of $250 including sale styles until 11/27 with code THANKS


Kate Spade - 30% off everything with code GIVEJOY


Bobbi Brown - Palettes & Sets are 25% off plus spend $50 and get 5 free minis, spend $75+ and get a free cosmetics bag until 11/27


Too Faced - 25% off everything until 11/24


Neiman Marcus - Receive a gift with purchase clutch when you spend $225 in beauty and fragrance with code NMBEAUTY until 11/27


T3 Micro - 25% off everything with code MONDAY17 from 11/27-11/28

M Y  F A V O R I T E S

Happy shopping everyone!


Monday, November 20, 2017

Gift Guide: For The Music Lover

Happy Monday everyone! Next up in my gift guide series is one that's dedicated to music lovers! I thought this would come in handy since almost everyone that I know of loves music and there's tons of gifts here that you could give to co-workers, neighbors, or just friends that you don't really know too well but want to still get them something haha. 

1. Drake The Halls Sweater - This gift guide was actually inspired by this sweater! I thought it was hilarious and the seller actually has other funny and clever Christmas sweaters as well so make sure to check it out.

2. Cassette Clutch - So cute for a night out and is actually on sale for a great price!

3. Kate Spade Wireless Headphones - If you're looking for good quality wireless headphones that are more affordable than Beats then these headphones are perfect and half the price! Plus I just love the sleek white and mint design.

4. Alex & Ani Guitar Charm - Alex & Ani has so many great music bracelets (I also linked the headphones one and the music note one below!) and they only run for $27 each so it's a good price point and works as stocking stuffers as well. 

5. Crosley Record Player - I actually want this for Christmas! An old school record player which comes in this gorgeous aqua color (and also in pink!) and is under $100 and makes a unique gift. 

6. Personalized Music Note Ornament - I love giving personalized items during the holidays and there's no such thing as too many ornaments am I right?

7. Marble Mini Speaker - Anything that is marble, I just gotta have! This speaker is the perfect addition to any room. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this gift guide! What should my next one be? Lately I've been thinking about getting more creative with them since I feel like last year myn were pretty boring haha. Let me know if you have any ideas!


Monday, November 13, 2017

Gift Guide: For The Fashionista

I know, I know. Thanksgiving isn't even here yet and I'm over here posting a gift guide. I can't help it! I love shopping early for Christmas and hate doing anything last minute so I thought I'd start my gift guides early as well. For the first one, I kept it pretty simple and decided to do a gift guide for fashion lovers that are all about unique pieces from their favorite name brands which includes both splurge pieces and budget-friendly pieces as well. 

1. Light Up LED Constellation Bag: A bag that looks beautiful both during the day and night! I have to grab this for myself since it's such a unique piece with the built in LED lights.

2. Blush Pink Faux Fur Scarf: Easily makes a coat or leather jacket look glamorous in seconds and it's super soft!

3. Burberry Liquid Lip Set: I can't get enough of liquid lipsticks especially matte ones which is perfect for the holidays!

4. Gabrielle Chanel Perfume: My Mom just recently bought the new Chanel perfume and now I want one for myself! It's perfect for the winter season.

5. Baublebar Hoop Earrings: I love a pair of statement earrings for the holidays and this one is lightweight and eye-catching.

6. Embellished Ladybug Mules: Normally I'm not a big fan of bugs but these ladybug mules are so cute.

7. Gucci Butterfly Wallet: If you're looking for a designer item that doesn't cost thousands and thousands of dollars but is still high quality then I recommend checking out Gucci's wallet collection which comes in beautiful designs such as this. 

8. Merlot Velvet High Heels: This one's the perfect gift for a shoe lover or for yourself! It's velvet, comes in the gorgeous merlot color, and has embellishment on the back. 


Monday, November 6, 2017

Lace Cami + Oversized Cardigan

Top: Wal-Mart (you weren't expecting that, were ya?) // Cardigan: Express // Jeans: J. Crew // Sunglasses: Dior "Origins" // Bag: LC by Lauren Conrad // Lips: Nars "Bahama" lip crayon // Watch: Kate Spade // Shoes: Windsor, sold out

Lately life has been pretty rough (and that's a huge underestimate) so I haven't had time to really focus on fashion or my blog yet I'm trying to change that since I've realized these are the types of things that make me feel normal again. If you've seen my last post "Life Lessons: What I've Learned After Spending 10 Days in the Hospital", you would know that my Grandma has been ill and in the hospital for the past 15 days (luckily they moved her to rehab so she can recover) and my Mom and I have been taking turns staying at the hospital with her. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that my life has changed so dramatically overnight and it made me appreciate normal life so much more. 

Anyways, here's a look that I shot a few weeks ago featuring this top that I found at...Wal-Mart! I know. The Wal-Marts here in Dallas are actually normal compared to the ones in Rochester and I stopped by to get some DIY stuff when I was creating the "Holly Golightly Sleep Mask" post and found this top for $5. It comes in other colors like teal and burgundy and looks great paired with this oversized cardigan from Express. Normally I'm not a fan of things that are oversized since I'm usually swimming in them since I'm so petite but this one is actually cute. Just make sure to size down cause it runs super big! I'm wearing a small. 

I hope you guys enjoyed the post!

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