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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Must-Have Sweater For Fall

Sweater: Topshop via Nordstrom // Skirt: Ann Taylor // Shoes: Sam Edelman // Bag: Sole Society via Nordstrom // Sunglasses: Dior "Origins" // Lipstick: Nars "Bahama" Lip Crayon 

Hey ladies! So I know in my last post, I went on and on about the shopping in Dallas but damn. The shopping is no joke here! Dallas has everything including a Nordstrom on every corner which is becoming my go-to place for clothes lately. I picked up this camel sweater which has gorgeous lace up detail on the inside of the sleeves and is such a unique piece! I usually don't like cropped sweaters but this one looks amazing with a black high waisted skirt or jeans.

Another piece that I just added to my wardrobe is this black and white clutch which I had mentioned in my Fall Essentials post. It makes a plain outfit look so much interesting instantly! The best part is that the size is just perfect - it's roomy enough to fit all the essentials but also not too big that it gets uncomfortable holding it.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Exploring Dallas: Highland Park Village

The best part about moving to a new city: all the new places that you get to explore! I decided to make a new series on my blog called "Exploring Dallas" since you guys were interested in posts on what to do and see in Dallas. I thought the perfect place to start my new series is at Highland Park Village, a place that's a must for anyone visiting Dallas. 

Over the years, I've always heard so many great things about Highland Park Village but it was even better than I had imagined! I know, I know, I must sound ridiculous right now cause technically Highland Park Village is just a place filled with fancy high end stores and fashionable (and I'm assuming rich?) people but I just can't help it! We have nothing like this in Rochester (may I remind you that we don't even have an H&M! It's that bad over there) so it feels surreal to have a fancy place like this right in my own backyard. 

The first thing you'll notice about the place once you arrive is that there's a different feel to it with the gorgeous architecture and the fact that it's an outdoor shopping center filled with gorgeous window displays. Did I mention everything in this place is Instagram-worthy? Including the people! While Dallas is a fashionable city, the people at Highland Park Village take it to another level. No wonder why fashion bloggers come here so often! 

While most of the shops are high-end, there are some more "affordable" shops such as Tory Burch (which is where I spotted those adorable velvet espadrilles that I mentioned in my last post which I still have regret not buying!) and cute boutiques as well. Of course, I still had to go into my favorite store Chanel and at least pretend that I'm a rich socialite that I can afford those things in store. And the parking lot! Since when are parking lots so cute?!

Do these stairs look familiar? All around HP Village, you'll see these gorgeous stairs which is so photo-worthy and I'm pretty sure I've seen bloggers take pictures here before. 

My favorite place that I visited while here was without a doubt, Bird Bakery! If you follow me on Instagram, you would've noticed that I couldn't stop talking about this place. It's an adorable bakery with tons of girly decor, amazing coffee, sandwiches, and of course my personal favorite: cupcakes! (including pumpkin spice cupcakes fyi). 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I can't wait to explore new places and find out more about Dallas!


Friday, October 13, 2017

A Fashionista's Fall Essentials

Happy Friday everyone! Fall is my favorite time of year to do some shopping because there's so many gorgeous things in stores! I decided to round up all of my favorites and share them with you gals below. 

Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings in "Maroon Jade" - I've been investing in more Kendra Scott pieces ever since I moved to Dallas and these maroon jade earrings are gorgeous and dress up an oversized sweater and jeans. 

Fiddler Hat - I love wearing hats during the fall and winter and the fiddler hat is so trendy right now and is the perfect way to hide a bad hair day. 

Tory Burch Velvet Espadrilles - This one's perfect for all my gals that live in a warm climate and don't get to experience fall. I tried them on at the Tory Burch and totally regret not purchasing them. They also come in black but I love all things maroon during the fall and will look perfect during the holidays as well. 

Sole Society Black Calf Hair Clutch - I've been searching everywhere for the perfect clutch to wear on an everyday basis that's large enough to fit all my essentials and this one's perfect! I love the fact that it's not the usual leopard print and works for both day and night.

Glamorous Cold Shoulder Turtleneck Sweater - I love this unique take on the boring turtleneck sweater that shows up everywhere in stores during the fall. It would look perfect for date night!

Sam Edelman "Thora" Suede Boots - For years I've wanted a pair of camel boots but since I have large calves (how does one shrink their calves?!), it's been pretty hard to find but I ordered these Sam Edelman ones and hopefully they'll fit. I love the chunky heel which makes it easy to walk in them and they work perfectly with an all-black outfit. 

What are you loving for fall? I'd love to know!


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A Burberry Fall

Top: Forever 21 // Skirt: LOFT // Bag: Burberry // Sunglasses: Dior "Origins" // Shoes: Sam Edelman // Lips: Bobbi Brown Art Stick in "Rich Nude" 

If you asked me a couple of years ago that I would be buying so many classic and simple pieces in neutral colors, I would've never believed you. Just look at my old outfit posts! (just kidding, please don't. They're awful haha). I used to dress so colorful and preppy and didn't really have a sense of style and was just all over the place. One of the things that I'm enjoying about getting older is that my style has evolved and it's so much more easier to shop now. Not only do I wear a lot of neutrals which are easy to mix and match but I buy pieces to wear to multiple places such as this skirt (on sale for 30% off!) which is perfect for work or out for dinner. The same goes for my new bag which I admit was quite the splurge but I know I'll wear this for years to come. Plus it's so roomy and also came with a wristlet so it's almost like 2 bags in one. I swear, Burberry bags are so underrated yet their quality is beautiful and a little more affordable compared to other designer bags. 

What are you loving for the fall? I'd love to know! Feel free to comment down below.


Monday, October 9, 2017

DIY: Chanel Pumpkin

Fall is officially here which means all things pumpkin! I was feeling tired of seeing the same old pumpkins in stores so I decided to get creative and decorate my own. As usual, I wanted to do something girly and fashionable and that's when the Chanel pumpkin idea was born. The Chanel logo is just so iconic and sleek and the best part is that it's easy to recreate on your own! No artistic skills required. Here's how I did it...

Step 1 - First find a Chanel logo printable online (just search for "Chanel logo printable" on Google Images!) and print out one that you think best fits your pumpkin. Don't worry too much about the color and design because we're only going to be using the logo as an outline. I recommend printing out a couple just in case it doesn't fit. Here's the one that I used.

Step 2 - Now carefully cut out the logo and tape it onto the middle of your pumpkin. I decided to go with a white plastic pumpkin that I found at Michael's but feel free to use whatever color/kind of pumpkin you want. If you're worried about the logo not being straight, then make sure to get someone else's opinion or even place the pumpkin at a farther distance and take a picture of it.

Step 3 - Now trace around the printable with a pencil (I recommend pencil just because you can actually erase it or lightly rub it off with a baby wipe!) and remove the printable once you're done.

Step 4 - Here's the fun part: fill in the logo with paint! I found that using a combination of a thinner brush and a thicker one helps to create a sharper logo and fill in everything perfectly. Depending on what kind of paint you use (I used watercolor paint), it might take 2-3 coats to get it opaque so make sure to be patient and let everything dry before adding more paint. Of course I went with the classic black logo but you can totally use whatever color you want and even top it off with glitter (while the paint is still wet) or create other designs with more printables.

The final results: a gorgeous stylish pumpkin that you can use for years! I'm actually debating if I want to use this pumpkin in my room even after Halloween is over cause it's too cute! haha. I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Please let me know below if you have any other ideas for DIY posts cause I love doing them!


Friday, October 6, 2017

Go Above And Beyoncé

Top: Ivy Park // Leggings: Ivy Park // Shoes: Nike // Sunglasses: Dior "Origins" // Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs 

It's been one whole week since my move to Dallas and quite honestly, I'm feeling like Beyoncé! Moving halfway across the country and getting out of my comfort zone made me feel invincible, like I can take on anything from now on! And that's a feeling I'm usually not familiar with since I'm always afraid of taking risks but I'm so glad I took a leap of faith and this journey has changed me for the better. 

I thought it would be fitting to show this Ivy Park outfit that I recently got from Nordstrom since lately I've been running all over town in order to buy things to get my apartment set up and need something comfortable yet stylish to wear. I love the new Ivy Park collection since most pieces are in my favorite color: teal! Everything in the collection is so sleek and perfect for the gym or to wear on an everyday basis. And no I'm not sponsored, I wish!

I linked more of my favorite pieces from the collection below just in case you wanted to check it out. 

Happy Friday everyone! 


Monday, October 2, 2017

Blue Lace Top + Dallas Update

Top: Self Portrait // Jeans: J. Crew // Sunglasses: Dior // Bag: Madison West via TJ Maxx // Shoes: Forever 21 // Lips: Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo in "Script" 

I think I want to start my first post in Dallas by saying...YA'LL, MY LIFE IS SO DIFFERENT NOW AND I LOVE IT. 

These past few days have been CRAZY to say the least because my whole life has changed and I'm not complaining! I wish I had moved to Dallas sooner!!! I haven't even explored the whole city yet and I'm already obsessed and can't imagine living anywhere else. The part about this move that I haven't talked about on the blog is the fact that I moved to Dallas without even visiting first (did so much research beforehand though and asked so many people about it and just knew that it would be a whole lot better than living in Rochester!) and even managed to secure the perfect apartment and just seeing it through pictures. I'm still not sure how the hell I got so lucky with this whole thing. I have never taken a risk as big as this one in my life and I'm just so glad it was worth it in the end. It's been 4 days since I've moved here but I still can't believe this is my new home! 

These past couple of days have been spent pretty much neglecting my social media and trying to get settled in and "adulting" which is so much harder and more expensive than it looks. By far, the most expensive thing I bought is a brand new car! It's a 2017 Nissan Sentra which is a million times better than my old 2008 car that was always in the repair shop. The best part about moving is that everything feels so new and you also get a chance to start fresh and buy new things! Overall, I love my new life and it's given me such a fresh perspective on things. Rochester always made me feel limited but here, there's so many possibilities and I have such a good feeling about things. 

Before I left Rochester, I shot this look and this top is perfect for warm fall days. I actually got it on sale (I can never afford Self-Portrait for full price haha) and it's also available in white which is just as pretty. I can't wait to shoot new fall looks here in Dallas! Stay tuned. 

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Goodbye Rochester, Hello...

"Sometimes it takes 10 years to get that 1 year that will change your life" 

Words can't describe what it's like to wait years for a dream and to finally achieve it. I've thought about this moment a million times in my head over the years and now that it's finally happening, I just can't believe it! I'm finally moving out of Rochester. 

Despite being born and raised in Rochester and living here my whole life, it's never felt like home. This resulted in spending years trying to decide on a new place to live (not an easy task!) and feeling as if there's no place that feels "perfect" and fits all my requirements. Over the years, I thought about moving to Los Angeles, NYC, Miami, New Orleans, and even to Istanbul! Yet I'm an intuitive person and always listen to my gut feeling and knew that none of these cities felt right. Then, as my last days in college came to a close, I began to "think like an adult" and made a list of what my requirements are and thought about things on a realistic level (which is so hard for me since I'm always living in my head! I'm a Pisces haha). I managed to narrow down my requirements to a warm climate city that has no winter, good job opportunities in the media industry, good shopping (so important cause we don't even have an H&M or a Zara here in Rochester!), and of course a place where the rent isn't outrageous and I can actually live a better life financially as well as mentally. Afterwards, I began to look at popular cities that millennials are moving to and that's where I discovered the incredible qualities about Dallas. A city that has never even crossed my mind until I discovered that list. The more I did research on it (and I do mean A LOT of research), the more I loved it and I could completely imagine myself living there. 

I knew I was making the right decision when instead of feeling anxious or doubt, all I felt was peace and calmness. If you knew me in real life, then you would know how out of character this is for me since I'm always overanalyzing everything! Yet being stuck in the same old city for years and years and living a boring and mediocre life has made me realize that there's one thing that's more painful than change: your life always staying the same.

To anyone, that feels like they're stuck and they're just waiting for their life to change: create a list and ask yourself what you want, do tons of research, take small steps to move towards your goals, and after you've done everything you can, trust the process and believe that everything will work out for the best. It's taken me years to move out of Rochester, but the time that it takes to accomplish a dream isn't important. Staying persistent and finally accomplishing it at the end will make everything worth it 

Thanks for reading,


Monday, September 25, 2017

How to Create a Stylish Dorm While On a Budget

This is a sponsored post in partnership with OCM. All words and opinions are my own.

One of the decisions that I wish I had made in college but ultimately decided against was staying in a dorm. While I don't completely regret the decision (I had an apartment and totally saved tons on student loans #winning), I do wish I had the chance to decorate my own dorm! Recently I got the opportunity to work with OCM and decided to do a post all about how to create a stylish dorm room that's Pinterest-worthy while also not breaking the bank. Here are some of my ideas: 

(source: Anum Tariq)


The Possibilities of DIY 

I recently started doing DIY posts (check out my lace hem jeans post here) and it's such a relaxing and fun hobby! Did I mention it's super budget-friendly? For dorm decor, you can make so many things such as wall art, hanging shelves, pillow covers, or even a memo board key rack! The possibilities are endless and it'll be a a great way to bond with your roommate and do something together on a rainy day. 

Thrift & Antique Stores Are Your Best Friend

I love thrift and antique stores since you can always find one of a kind things for great prices. They always seem to have great picture frames, lamps, and even book shelves and if they look a little old, then they can easily be painted over and fixed. If you're looking for designer items, I would recommend going to thrift/antique stores in upscale neighborhoods since I've noticed they always seem to have the best stuff. Also, if you have a DIY idea in mind, then thrift/antique stores are great places to buy plain and simple supplies and turn them into something unique while not breaking your budget. 

Removable Wallpaper

White walls can get pretty boring and most colleges (and even apartment buildings) don't allow people to paint their walls so removable wallpaper is a lifesaver. You can place it on all the walls or even just do an accent wall (which is so chic and eye-catching!) in your color of choice or pattern and easily remove it once the semester is up and use it again later. For some reason not many people know about this option so I think it's a great way to stand out and do something different.

Think Vertical 

We all know dorm rooms are ridiculously small and putting too many pieces of furniture or other home decor can make it look crowded and cluttered. Instead keep it simple by buying vertical items such as a bookshelf or a nightstand that won't take up too much room. Also, one of my best tricks for making a small room appear much bigger is to place a vertical mirror (ya know the ones that fashion bloggers always take a mirror pic at?) in the corner of your room. Works every time and you can even do this with your first apartment as well! 


 All finished decorating your dorm room? OCM is actually running a dorm room decorating contest and all you have to do is share a photo of your dorm with the hashtag #OCMRoomGoals2017 on Twitter or Instagram and if you get the most votes then you win $1000 in tuition credit! I wish this contest was around when I was in college cause I totally could've used an extra $1000 on school and it's so easy to enter! Not a fan of sharing it publicly? Then you can enter using the contest form. The contest ends on October 1st so make sure to take a pic and share it before it's too late. In order to participate in the contest, you have to be living in the US and live in student housing and all photos have to be your own. See all the details on the OCM contest site.

Hope this post was helpful! 


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

My Experience With The Brazilian Blowout

Hi ladies! I'm so excited to share my experience getting the Brazilian blowout which can only be described in one way: life-changing. For years I've been debating on if I should do it (it is quite the investment!) and finally decided to do it since I'm moving to one of the hottest cities in the country and I knew that my hair would never stay straight and frizz-free in that heat.

Not sure what the Brazilian blowout is? Here's a little bit of background: the Brazilian blowout is a smoothing keratin treatment that eliminates frizz, adds shine, cuts down on drying time, keeps your hair healthy, and can be customized. You have the option of relaxing your curls (which is what I did) or keeping the curls but eliminating all the frizz and poufiness. Keep in mind the Brazilian blowout works for straight hair as well! It just seems to be more popular for people with curly/wavy hair since it's so hard managing that kind of hair. The best part is that improves your hair by adding protein back into your hair and lasts for 3-6 months (depending on how much you wash it) and simply goes back to your natural hair texture afterwards. 

Typically the process takes about 2-3 hours but myn felt so much more quicker than that for some reason! My hairstylist decided to do my color beforehand since it's recommended since you can't color your hair for the next 4 weeks after the treatment. We first started by washing my hair three times with the Brazilian blowout cleansing shampoo in order to get my hair as clean as possible. Then my hairstylist applied the Brazilian blowout chemical formula and I'm not gonna lie: my eyes watered a bit during this process but other than that it wasn't uncomfortable. Then she locked in the formula with heat and first blow dried my hair and then flat ironed every single piece of hair and really focused on the roots of my hair and not the crown (I didn't want to lose volume up there). My hair was pin straight afterwards which you can see below: 

Here's the part that's tough, after all that straightening it was time to wash out the formula! haha. So in total, my hair was washed 5 times that day which includes when I got my highlights done! Crazy. Yet the results are completely worth the long process and price. Instantly, I noticed a huge difference in the way my hair dried and it was smoother than I've ever seen it! Not one sign of frizz and no flyaways and there was so much shine! Plus I've never seen it this straight, no matter how many times I straighten my hair at home or at the salon, there's always a sign of poufiness but nope. Not anymore! Take a look at the before and after below. 

Today I washed it with the Brazilian Blowout brand shampoo and conditioner that was given to me at the salon and here's what it looks like when it's damp and when it's dried completely. About 90% of my natural curls are gone and it just looks like I have some pretty beach waves! Keep in mind there's NO products in my hair in these pictures and no heat has been used. Also, there's no signs of residue on my hair and it just feels soft and healthy. It's all just my natural hair which freaks me out so much since it's such a new experience for me to come out of the shower and still have my hair looks so good! haha. It would only take me a minute or two to blow dry my hair even straighter and be on my way which makes my life so much easier. I wish I had done this a long time ago! 

Long story short: if you're thinking about getting the Brazilian blowout then do it now! It's worth every penny and you won't have to waste time in the mornings getting your hair straight and then going outside and getting your hair messed up again. It's safe to say, I'm probably going to get this for the rest of my life haha. If you have more questions, feel free to leave a comment below. 

Thanks for reading,

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