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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Best of 2016

With the year coming to a close, I thought this would be the perfect time to reflect and share my best posts of 2016! There was a lot of improvements with my blog this year such as investing in a new camera lens, getting more creative with my writing, and taking some risks. I really feel like 2016 was the year that I took my blog to another level and realized that this is no longer a hobby for me but one of my passions in life and that I'm in this for the long run. Here are my best posts from 2016:

Best Outfit Post 

The first time that I shot with my new camera lens was for the Gingham + White Jeans post and it ended up becoming my most popular outfit post and this was the image that ended up becoming a hit on Pinterest! I'm so glad I invested in a new lens in 2016 because it completely improved my blog and made it look so much more professional. If you're contemplating buying a new camera lens, I urge you to do it! It's worth the money.

Best #BloggerBoss Post 

This year I started my #BloggerBoss series and I couldn't be more happy with it! I love giving blogging advice and helping people. It's no surprise that my How to Write a Sponsorship Email was a hit since the fine art of pitching brands is something that isn't talked about a lot in the blogging world. After the success of this post, I realized that I should write about things that aren't talked about more often and to create more unique content like this. I just wish I did a better job with the graphic!

Best Beauty Post

I'll admit, in 2016 I didn't do as many beauty posts as I would've liked. The funny thing is when I first started my blog it was actually a beauty blog and now I tend to post more about fashion! This year my review of the Kerastase Discipline Curl Ideal Voxbox was my most popular. For 2017, I have plans for expanding the beauty section and posting more reviews and even makeup tutorials. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Best Travel Post

Right before I left for my summer trip to Istanbul, I wrote Tips For Packing For An International Trip and I had so much fun writing and shooting it. I never would've thought it would become the most popular post of 2016! I wish I could write more travel posts like this but sadly being a college student limits my travels. My resolution for 2017 is to travel more so hopefully I'll be able to write more posts like this soon!

Best Collaboration 

One of my favorite companies to work with this year was Bagdujour and I really enjoyed styling their beautiful designer handbags for my outfit posts. This was my first blogging about luxury fashion and was a little nervous since my blog is more about college fashion but you gals didn't seem to mind! My Fridays With Chloe post was the most viewed and I'm not surprised since that Chloe handbag was pretty unique!

Best Holiday Post

My Unique Gift Wrapping post was a last minute idea and my first time doing a DIY-style post. I worked hard on the photography and made sure it was super girly and perfect for the holidays and I guess my hard work paid off! I'm not that big into DIY but I would love to be able to do more posts like this that show my creative side. It's nice to take a break from fashion once in a while, you know what I mean?

Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that's been reading my blog and supporting me! 2016 has been the best year of my blogging career and I couldn't have done it with you guys ♥ Please let me know down below in the comment section, what kinds of posts you would like to see more of on Sweet, Short & Stylish in 2017. I hope everyone has a happy New Year!!!


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