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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

NYC Business Trip Recap

Hi loves! I'm currently recovering from my "business" trip to NYC over the weekend and boy am I exhausted! I haven't visited ever since I lived there for my internship over the summer and completely forgot how chaotic it is there! When you go from a quiet city like Rochester to NYC, it definitely takes a toll on you - aka catching a cold and getting blisters on your feet from walking for miles. But on a positive note, I had an incredible time at the...Made by Google event! Yes that was the big event that I was talking about in my last outfit post. I also got to squeeze in some time for shopping and sightseeing since my Mom decided to come with me since she hasn't been there in 10 years and didn't have time to visit me over the summer. Just like most New Yorkers out there, I hate doing touristy stuff but at least my Mom was happy haha. Here's a quick recap: 

Friday night

Naturally, my flight got delayed going to NYC so we landed around 7pm and it was freezing and I'm over here trying to be fashionable with a light jacket. Why do I do these kinds of things to myself? We decided to grab dinner at Sip Sak which is a Turkish restaurant (I'm Turkish by the way haha) that got a lot of hype from the NY Times. The place was packed and tiny but the food was incredible! Defiantly make a trip there if you like Mediterranean food. Then reluctantly I agreed to taking my Mom to Times Square which was on her bucket list (why, I will never know haha) and visited some of the shops and that was pretty much it for the first night!

We got up early on Saturday to visit the Statue of Liberty which I've actually never been to before! The ferry was surprisingly quick and the sight of Lady Liberty was breathtaking so I highly recommend visiting! Make sure to book your tickets online so you could skip the long line. Next, we headed to my all-time favorite restaurant in Soho which is Delicatessen for their infamous mac & cheese and truffle fries.

Then, it was time for the Made by Google event! It was packed and there was a long line outside of their new pop-up shop on Prince Street so I felt pretty lucky being able to enter before everyone else. I had a great time trying out the new Pixel phone (perfect image quality for selfies) and the Daydream View (similar to the Google cardboard virtual reality headset except it's made out of something similar to a sweatshirt material and so much comfortable to wear!) along with meeting so many other bloggers and entrepreneurs. The shop was modern, sleek, and even had a wall with little squares on them that turn into the Google logo every time someone walks by. Events like this always leave me inspired and motivated to keep blogging and to feel grateful for every opportunity that I get from it!

 Sunday was our free day so we naturally did what most fashionista's do in New! First we headed to the new Oculus which is located at the World Trade Center. The design of the building is breathtaking but as for the shops? Sadly, it's lacking and I missed the beautiful stores on 5th ave the most so we headed there afterwards. First was Macy's on Herald Square which is my go-to place for shoes. I could seriously spend an entire day in there because each floor is dedicated to one category so there's one for shoes, clothes, cosmetics, etc. I picked up a beautiful pair of camel and black cap toe ankle boots and splurged on Chanel aviators which aren't sold in Rochester so it was worth it.

After a few more shops, we eventually went inside the most magical place in the world...Tiffany's. You guys know how obsessed I am with their jewelry and it's been a long time since I got anything from there! I was planning on getting a necklace but couldn't make a decision so I left with 2 new charms to add to my charm bracelet, thanks to my Mom.   

Overall, it was a fun weekend and it was nice to head back to my old stomping grounds and see what the city is like during the fall. Plus did I mention all the street style inspiration? New Yorkers dress even better this time of year! 

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