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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How to Organize Your Makeup With ittse

This post is in partnership with ittse. Received products in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. 

When it comes to makeup, I'm all about palettes. The only problem is I have way too many palettes to count and always have a hard time finding the right one to use in the mornings or being forced to take a couple whenever I go on vacation. Luckily, I recently got the opportunity to try ittse which is a beauty brand that's known for their custom palettes. You simply choose whatever kind of makeup you want and they have over 100 products such as eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, lip colors, etc. and organize it all into a palette! You have no idea how much more simple it is to get ready in the mornings and only have to take out one palette for your makeup! Here's what I got:

They were kind enough to send me these three eye shadows: 

Hieroglyph - a warm dark brown with shimmer which is perfect for fall 

Grace - a matte cream shadow which is perfect to use a base 

Discotheque - a pretty magenta with shimmer  

 All three eye shadows were super pigmented and went on smoothly and although I probably wouldn't have chosen an eye shadow like Discotheque to add to my collection, I tried it out with the other two colors and it looks so gorgeous when it's blended in! Goes to show that sometimes it's nice to take risks with makeup and try something different.

They also sent me a bronzer (my favorite kind of makeup), blush, and brow powder: 

St. Tropez - a warm golden bronzer with shimmer that's great if you're super pale like I am and need a sun-kissed glow

Dreamhouse -  a neutral and matte pink with a touch of peach in it which is a color that I don't have in my collection so I'm excited to try it out 

Toasted - a matte medium brown with a touch of grey in it which is usually the color I use to fill in my eyebrows and great if you already have dark brows and just want to fill in empty gaps

I also loved these three products but wish the blush and bronzer were a bit larger since I had a hard time putting enough product on my brushes but no complaints as far as the pigment goes! 

Lastly, a custom magnetic palette in the color Anemone which is a gorgeous peach and makes it easy to find in a large purse and in my makeup drawer. I love the fact that I can arrange my makeup in any way I want and how it has a clear film to separate the makeup from the mirror so it doesn't get everywhere. It just keeps everything so neat and organized and you can even remove the eye shadows in your other palettes and move it to just one since it's magnetic. 

Overall, I highly recommend giving ittse a try if you're a makeup lover who loves trying new products and want to keep everything organized. The best part is that the entire line is budget-friendly - perfect for us college girls! 

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