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Friday, October 7, 2016

Chanel Boy Medium Flapbag in Black Patent

 (Sponsored by Bagdujour. Product received for testing purposes. All opinions are mine alone.)

If there's one bag that I've always dreamed of having, it's a Chanel bag. They're so iconic, classic, and can be worn for years to come because of how timeless they are. Thanks to Bagdujour, my dream came true when they let me borrow their Chanel Boy bag for a month. It's in the medium size and comes in black patent calfskin which feels super smooth yet looks sleek and is perfect for the fall. Although the bag is a bit heavy because of the chain straps, it's still lightweight enough to carry everywhere you go and trust me you'll want to carry this all the time! I don't think I've ever gotten so many compliments on a bag in my entire life! 

Although I'm usually not a fan of flapbags because they can be difficult to close, with this one it's so easy because you just squeeze the two silver buttons on the sides of the logo in order to open it and then know it's closed when you hear a snapping sound. Hopefully that makes sense haha! It's not like other flapbags that have a magnetic buckle which gets annoying when you can't line it up right. 

As you can see the strap isn't completely made out of chain and the leather portion is adjustable which is great for petite people like me who have a shorter torso. It also doesn't dig into your shoulder since it's so lightweight and smooth. I own so many crossbody bags so I feel like I'm an expert by now and this is the best one that I've ever used. Not only do Chanel bags have great designs but they're functional and comfortable to carry. I just wish I could keep this one longer cause I don't want to part with it!

If you feel like borrowing an authentic designer bag, then make sure to check out Bagdujour! They are a monthly bag borrowing service which has a large variety of beautiful bags such as Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Valentino. I already reviewed the Louis Vuitton Monogram Tote, Saint Laurent Baby Sac Du Jour, and the Chloe Drew Flower Patchwork Bag and have nothing but great things to say about this company.

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