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Friday, August 19, 2016

Back to School Style

It's so bittersweet knowing that senior year is almost here ♥ I started my blog with a focus on college fashion and even though I expanded, it still feels strange to not be able to talk about college as much once senior year is over. I've always been someone that's excited to go back to school shopping ever since I was a kid! I decided to round up everything that I've been eyeing in stores and either plan on purchasing or have already purchased haha. 

School supplies are on the top of my list and my go-to is anything from Ban.Do such as the "After This We're Getting Pizza"  and "Think It, Want It, Get It" water bottles which makes me laugh and keeps me hydrated along with the floral folders and sticky notes with the cute sayings. As for the sneakers, this year I'm focused on being comfortable especially with my knee injury so a stylish pair of sneakers that you can pair with jeans, leggings, or even with skirts is perfect for me. Also, how cute is that backpack from Target that's sleek and is on sale for $31.99! Lastly, that pink satin baseball hat is perfect for bad hair days but looks so stylish and reminds me of the 90's.

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