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Monday, April 4, 2016

How to Get Out of a Fashion Rut

Ugh. That just completely describes my feelings when it comes to my clothes lately. It's like everything I own is awful! I've noticed that I always feel this way when it's a new season and I have to switch up what I'm wearing. Last week, I went shopping and just couldn't even get myself to buy anything! What is happening!? I decided to do some research and found out that I'm actually stuck in a fashion rut which is pretty much when you're unsatisfied with clothes and your wardrobe, in general. Talk about an awful situation for a fashion blogger! haha. Luckily, I finally found some solutions to the problem and thought I should share them with you all:

Start With Neutrals - As the wise Michael Kors once said "70% of the clothes you own should be meat and potatoes. 30% should be icing and fluff - that's color, pattern, shine, and accessories. Too many women get the proportions the other way around, then can't figure out why they can't get dressed". This is pretty much the #1 reason why I'm stuck in a rut. I practically have no neutrals in my closet and a whole bunch of colorful, patterned stuff that I don't even wear! Big mistake. Invest in some high quality neutral pieces that you can mix and match and wear for years to come.

Buy Less, Choose Wisely - This has always been my philosophy but when I'm stuck in a fashion rut, I always feel like I need to buy something new cause I just can't stand my old clothes. But then a few days later I hate myself for it! Instead of focusing on buying something new, spend more time thinking about the article of clothing and if it's really worth it. How often are you going to wear it? Can you wear it for more than one season? Does it go with a lot of your outfits?

Vibes Don't Lie - If what you're buying isn't making you excited and giving you some kind of feeling, then forget about it. Clothes should make you happy and confident once you put it on. Think of this the next time you're cleaning out your wardrobe!

Make a List - In order to avoid temptation, make a list of all the things that your wardrobe is lacking and bring it with you when you go shopping next time. Not only will this save you money but you won't be buying unnecessary things that will only collect dust in the back of your closet.

Pinterest Is Your Best Friend - Create a secret board and fill it with images of outfits that you like, colors, and what you're going for as far as your personal look goes. It makes it so much easier to understand what your style is like especially if you're like me and have a style that's all over the place!

I hope these tips helped! Let me know if any of this works for you or if you have any other tips that I didn't mention! I would love to hear them.



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