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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Beautiful Home With Moto X Pure Edition

When it comes to home decor, I'm all about it reflecting my personal style. I always seem to gravitate towards anything girly, sophisticated, and whimsical and my home definitely shows that! I think living in an aesthetically pleasing home can do wonders for your creativity and mood. This is great if you're working in a field such as blogging where you have to constantly feel inspired and working from home all day. Whether it's through wall art, pillows, or even a phone (you heard right!), you can easily create a more beautiful home. Here's how...

Choose a Theme

As I mentioned earlier, I adore all things feminine and I chose that as the general theme in my home. Things like this gold perfume bottle or even DIY pearl hangers add little touches of girly without being too childish or over the top.

Pick Decor That Represents You

I'm a big dreamer and love anything that's going to motivate me in the mornings so you can guess that decor with inspirational writing on it is my favorite! Choose decor with quotes or images on it to show people your hobbies and interests.

Wall Art

Wall art can be a great way to make your home look more beautiful without spending a lot of money. You could always print images found online and frame them or check out vintage shops for bargains. I found this Old Hollywood inspired image at a local antique store and have been going back ever since to see if I could find more interesting images. Just make sure that your wall art doesn't clash with anything else in the room. Since my couches are mint green, I decided to add black and white wall art so it all goes together.

Your Phone Counts as Home Decor Too!  

Admit it, we all leave our phones on the couch or coffee table when we're busy. Have you ever thought of how easily you could incorporate it into home decor? That's where Moto X Pure Edition - Designed By Jonathan Adler comes along. I've always admired Jonathan Adler's stylish and fun designs and was excited to hear that he had recently collaborated with Motorola to create 3 limited editions of the Moto X Pure Edition.

Not only are the designs of the phones gorgeous but it has so many perks such as advanced water protection (I'm always dropping my phone everywhere!), front facing stereo speakers, and it's unlocked which is perfect for travel addicts like me who need to switch carriers without buying a new phone.

The Moto X Pure Edition Designed by Jonathan Adler is now available to purchase so pick yourself up one if you're a fashionista, home decor lover, or simply love to express yourself and be original.

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  1. Ruya, I am in the market for a new phone. You are so right...these phones have style!

  2. After reading the article above, if you are the wise consumers, you should follow these four misunderstandings for home decoration.


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