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Friday, January 29, 2016

YSL Touche Eclat Neutralizer Voxbox

Have I mentioned how much I love receiving free makeup in the mail? Perks of blogging, I tell ya. Before I get started on the review I should mention that if you want to receive free voxboxes in the mail, all you have to do is sign up through Influenster and connect your Facebook account. 

Recently I got another YSL voxbox in the mail which contains the new Touche Eclat Neutralizer in Violet. Depending on what results you got from the survey, influencers either received the orange, green, or violet. The Touche Eclat Neutralizers are color correctors which are supposed to improve your complexion by getting rid of redness, discoloration, and brighten your skin. Honestly, the timing couldn't have been better since it's a new semester and I'm still adjusting to a new sleep schedule (ya know sleeping at normal hours instead of being up until 3am watching Netflix haha) and have dark circles under my eyes to prove it. 

The Violet one that I received acts as a brightener for dull, yellow skin (or as I like to call it winter skin) and can be used all over the face. I decided to test it out under my eyes and used my everyday concealer as well to see if it would make a difference together or if I should just stick to only using concealer. 

Here's the before:

The first thing that I loved about this product is the application stick which makes it easy to apply and the brush feels soft on your skin so it's not pulling delicate areas such as around your eyes. 

Here's the after with concealer on top:

I noticed a huge difference when it comes to brightness and it even seemed to make my skin look matte which I didn't even know that I had a problem with before! It seems that my eyes get a little oily throughout the day. I also love how it's great for layering and doesn't feel heavy so you can use it all over. 

Overall, I'm highly impressed with this brand, again and have been reaching for it every morning ever since I received it. It's one of those go-to products that's perfect for the winter since it helps you to look wide awake and less like a zombie (or is that just me?). Plus the packaging is so pretty! Yes I'm one of those people that gets suckered into buying stuff because they look pretty haha. But seriously, it's worth a try and YSL has so many great products that are worth investing in and this is one of them. 

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 (Received complimentary by Influenster. All opinions are my own.)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Ruffle Jacket

Jacket: Free People, old (similar) (similar) // Jeans: Joe's // Bag: Kate Spade, check the outlets (similar) (similar) // Flats: Zara, sold out (similar) (similar) // Lipstick: Mac Rebel

I feel like I start out every outfit post lately with my hate for winter so let's skip that and talk about the outfit haha. Here's one of my favorite outfits that I usually wear with some riding boots and a big heavy coat on top (for the sake of the photos, I ditched those things). I bought this Free People jacket years ago before I was a blogger and completely forgot that it was still in my closet. I've mentioned my love for jackets before on the blog but this is where it all started. The ruffle sleeves, the military-style, and the flattering shape makes it the perfect jacket. I can't wait to wear it again in the spring with a white dress and some booties. I've also discovered my new favorite line of jeans from Joe's which is available at places like Nordstrom and makes the softest jeans ever. Highly recommend! 

As for the hair, you may have noticed my long bob has grown out (ridiculously fast might I add!) and I'm not sure if I should cut it short again or keep it at this length. Either way, I'm not going longer for a while, I've gotten used to quick blow outs in the mornings. Seriously, cutting 5 inches off my hair was the best thing I ever did. Not only does your hair grow back fast but looks healthy so if you're hesitant just do it! 

Thanks for reading, 


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Even though I'm single, I've always had a special place in my heart for Valentine's Day ever since I was a kid and did those little card exchanges back in grade school (we were all in this together back then, good times right?). I don't know if it's all the pink and red everywhere or the fact that my birthday is the week afterwards, but it's just such a cute holiday. I always like to treat myself (okay, when do I not treat myself? haha) to a gift or two if I don't have a Valentine (which is like, always) and usually treat my Mom as well because this holiday isn't just about your significant other. It's about spreading love all around! My go-to place is defiantly Kate Spade and their new Rose-Colored Glasses collection has already become my new love. I mean come on, just look at that bucket bag with the roses in it! A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. And that wallet. I need that asap. Okay, I'm gonna stop now cause I'm getting carried away haha. 

Happy shopping! 


Monday, January 25, 2016

How to Contour for the Day Time

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MNYLookstoLove #CollectiveBias

When it comes to contouring, it's usually done for a night out or for a special occasion since it's so heavy and takes time to get it right. It couldn't possibly look good during the day time...right? 

What if I told you that it's possible to achieve the contour look while still looking natural and not wasting a bunch of time getting ready in the mornings? Yup, I've actually been contouring in the mornings before heading to my college classes and I'm obsessed. I'm usually not one for a full face of makeup for class but it's just so easy to do. When I got the opportunity to collaborate with Maybelline and try their Master Contour palette, Dream Velvet foundation, and Dream Velvet blender, I knew this would be the perfect time to share my tips. Plus Valentine's Day is right around the corner so why not start practicing your looks to love for the special night?

Step 1: Apply Foundation 

 Before contouring, apply foundation which will serve as your base and help the contour powder glide more smoothly on your face. I recently tried the Dream Velvet foundation and loved how moisturizing it is since it's a gel-whipped foundation. It's medium coverage so it looks a little more natural on the skin while still covering your trouble areas. I recommend squeezing some onto your fingers and then patting it on your face.

Step 2: Blend Your Foundation

 In order to blend the foundation and create a smooth look without any obvious lines, use the Dream Velvet blender which reaches difficult areas such as the corners of your nose and glides over large areas in seconds. The best part is that it's easy to wash and re-use again and again. 

Step 3: Contour

For a natural look that's quick and simple I recommend using powder instead of cream. Since contouring requires bronzer, blush, and highlighting powder, I recommend buying a palette such as the Maybelline Master Contour Palette which contains all three. I went with the #10 palette which contains the lightest shades if you have ridiculously pale skin like me but they are available in darker shades.  

I usually start by contouring my cheekbones first and applying lightly. It's easier to go back and build up the color than to apply too much at once and have to remove half your makeup off your face! Make sure to blend any harsh lines in order to make it look as natural as possible. Then, apply it to your jawline and the sides of your forehead. I usually skip contouring my nose since it takes too much time and doesn't look as natural during the day time.

Step 4: Blush

Next, I apply blush to the apples of my cheeks in order to give my face a nice glow especially since it's winter and my skin looks awfully dull. 

Step 5: Highlight 

The last step is to highlight right above the apples of your cheeks, middle of your forehead, and if you want to achieve the look of bigger lips then your cupid's bow. What I love about the highlighter in the Master Contour palette is that it doesn't contain too much shimmer and blends in beautifully into your skin. 

There you have it! A natural looking contour that's perfect for school, work, or even a daytime Valentine's Day date. 

If you want to try the Maybelline products that I used in this post, check out the beauty aisle at your nearest Wal-Mart. Who says you can't achieve a perfect contour with budget-friendly products?

Hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading,



Saturday, January 23, 2016

Your Skin Is In Campaign

As you all know, I talk a lot about fashion and beauty here on my blog but today I thought I would switch it up and talk about something a lot more important than those two things: skin cancer.

Back when I was in middle school, I remember reading an article in a magazine about tanning beds and how it leads to premature aging, dark moles, and ultimately cancer. Seeing the images of young girls with scars from getting moles removed, I vowed right then and there that I would try to prevent that from happening to me. Growing up, my parents would always make me put on sunscreen if I was going to be outside for a long time. On top of that, living in a city that doesn't get much sunlight, I didn't have much to worry about when it comes to the sun. But tanning beds? They were so trendy in high school and I briefly wondered what all the fuss was about but kept the promise to myself to never try it. I'm glad I didn't because not only do I look younger than my age (I swear I haven't aged since I was 13!) but I've significantly lowered my risk of skin cancer. One less problem to worry about as a busy college girl am I right?

That's why I'm excited to announce that I've partnered up with the Melanoma Foundation in order to raise awareness about the Your Skin Is In campaign. The campaign is a pledge based program that encourages young adults to protect their skin. Why young adults? Because Melanoma is the second most common form of skin cancer for young adults ages 15-29. The sad part is that it's preventable yet people are still practicing unhealthy habits such as tanning beds. Trust me, there's nothing hot about wrinkles, sun spots, scary looking moles, and did I mention cancer? On top of it, tanning beds are more damaging than the sun! Crazy. I prefer having clear, cancer-less skin while also looking younger than everyone else (even though it annoys half the time right now!) which I'm sure will come in handy when I'm 45 yet look like I'm in my 20's. Don't you think?

I hope this post inspired you to take the pledge and protect your skin. You're only living life once, might as well have beautiful, healthy skin!

Thanks for reading,


(This post is sponsored by the Melanoma Foundation and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Sweet, Short & Stylish possible!)


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Beautiful Home With Moto X Pure Edition

When it comes to home decor, I'm all about it reflecting my personal style. I always seem to gravitate towards anything girly, sophisticated, and whimsical and my home definitely shows that! I think living in an aesthetically pleasing home can do wonders for your creativity and mood. This is great if you're working in a field such as blogging where you have to constantly feel inspired and working from home all day. Whether it's through wall art, pillows, or even a phone (you heard right!), you can easily create a more beautiful home. Here's how...

Choose a Theme

As I mentioned earlier, I adore all things feminine and I chose that as the general theme in my home. Things like this gold perfume bottle or even DIY pearl hangers add little touches of girly without being too childish or over the top.

Pick Decor That Represents You

I'm a big dreamer and love anything that's going to motivate me in the mornings so you can guess that decor with inspirational writing on it is my favorite! Choose decor with quotes or images on it to show people your hobbies and interests.

Wall Art

Wall art can be a great way to make your home look more beautiful without spending a lot of money. You could always print images found online and frame them or check out vintage shops for bargains. I found this Old Hollywood inspired image at a local antique store and have been going back ever since to see if I could find more interesting images. Just make sure that your wall art doesn't clash with anything else in the room. Since my couches are mint green, I decided to add black and white wall art so it all goes together.

Your Phone Counts as Home Decor Too!  

Admit it, we all leave our phones on the couch or coffee table when we're busy. Have you ever thought of how easily you could incorporate it into home decor? That's where Moto X Pure Edition - Designed By Jonathan Adler comes along. I've always admired Jonathan Adler's stylish and fun designs and was excited to hear that he had recently collaborated with Motorola to create 3 limited editions of the Moto X Pure Edition.

Not only are the designs of the phones gorgeous but it has so many perks such as advanced water protection (I'm always dropping my phone everywhere!), front facing stereo speakers, and it's unlocked which is perfect for travel addicts like me who need to switch carriers without buying a new phone.

The Moto X Pure Edition Designed by Jonathan Adler is now available to purchase so pick yourself up one if you're a fashionista, home decor lover, or simply love to express yourself and be original.

Thanks for reading,



Monday, January 18, 2016

Lately On Instagram...

Hey ladies! Here's a quick recap of some things that I've been loving lately and posting on my Instagram. Last week I didn't get a chance to update the blog as much as I normally would (I usually aim for 3-4 post a week!) with school getting in the way but I never seem to miss a chance to post on Insta haha. Other than school, I've been feeling really uninspired and lacking motivation so if any of you have some tips for beating blogger's block I'd love to hear them! It's kinda sad that this is happening to me in January (not a great way to start the new year, ugh) but I honestly blame it on the winter blues. I don't even remember the last time that I've seen sunlight! Yet another reason to move out of Rochester...haha. Anyways, hope you enjoy this post and feel free to follow me @ruyakiraccc.

New school tote found at the Kate Spade outlet on Boxing Day for 60% off! I got it at the Niagara Falls outlet but it might be available at other outlets so check it out.

Some of my Christmas gifts! The Michael Kors crossbody was exclusively made for Macy's.

My favorite shoes of the moment: these leopard lace up flats from the recent Zara sale. Sadly, they're sold out but I linked a couple similar ones for all budgets.

Getting down to business in my polka dot top, black Michael Kors bag, and of course my blog business cards.

Thanks for reading!


Friday, January 15, 2016

Winter Getaway

Hey ladies! This post is pre-written since right about now I'm probably in class listening to a professor go over the syllabus and mispronouncing my name during attendance. Yes my college still does attendance, ugh. I just love the first day of the semester said no one ever haha. Anyways, the need to escape and travel during the wintertime is so tempting! A place with warm weather and tons of sunshine sounds so nice right about now. Plus I miss wearing summer clothes! I'm planning on taking a trip since I have time off from college at the end of February (right around the time that it's my 22nd bday, yay!), the only problem is where I should go? I'd like to keep it within the U.S. so if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them! Of course, any place without snow is perfectly fine with me.

Thanks for reading,



Monday, January 11, 2016

#BloggerBoss: Networking Tips For Introverts

Growing up as an only child, I was typically labeled as being shy. By the time high school came around, I was able to acquire more confidence and became known for being blunt and always cracking jokes. This made people see me as an extrovert when in reality I've always been an introvert. I think the problem is people seem to associate being shy with being introverted, even though it's two different concepts. Being shy is when you have a hard time talking to and meeting new people. Being an introvert is when someone is able to recharge their energy by being alone for a little bit. You can imagine that a long day of networking can completely drain our energy and discourage us from attending again. So how do you work your way around this? As a blogger, I've attended many events and have learned that it is possible to enjoy networking as an introvert while not losing your sanity. Here are my best tips:

Reach Out Online First - Many networking events will have Twitter chats and Facebook groups that not only encourages people to attend the event but to get to know each other beforehand. When I attended's Her Conference last summer, I posted on the Facebook group page to see which bloggers would be attending and was able to form connections easily. The best part was on the day of the conference I was able to meet all those people that I talked to which made the event so much more exciting. 

Set Some Goals - What do you want out of the networking event? Do you want to give out at least 10 of your business cards? Meet at least 5 fashion bloggers? I find that I'm more motivated to talk and approach people when I have a specific goal in mind. 

Engage In One-On-One Conversations - Group conversations can be a bit too fast paced and intimidating for us so start by talking with one person at a time. You'll find that you have more productive conversations and form a better relationship while not feeling as drained. 

The More Interesting The Conversation, The Better - I swear nothing is more exhausting than small talk. It just feels so fake and pointless, you know what I mean? Steer clear from conversations about the weather by showing a genuine interest in the person. Ask questions like "So why did you become a blogger?" or even make a joke about how much you hate small talk! Trust me, people are looking to have an interesting conversation just as much as you are at these events. 

Take a Quick Break - Networking events typically last the whole day and sometimes you just need a second to yourself. I usually go to the bathroom and freshen up (of course there's always a long line and I end up having the most interesting conversations with people while waiting!) or I'll grab a drink and check my phone at a quiet place like the lobby. Having those few minutes to myself helps me to come back stronger.

Thanks for reading and I hope these tips helped! I know that at times being an introvert may seem like the most annoying thing in the world. I remember feeling as if there was something wrong with me and that I have to be more talkative, more funny, more energetic but the truth is there's nothing wrong with being an introvert. It's just the way we are! You can be a successful blogger and still be introverted.


Friday, January 8, 2016


Photography: Kate O'Brien

Coat: Anthropologie, (also this one for under $100) // Top: H&M // Bag: Kate Spade, sold out (similar) // Shoes: Tahari, sold out (similar) // Necklace: J. Crew, old (similar)

Happy Friday everyone! This week has been pretty quiet and uneventful for me. I'm pretty sure I've done nothing productive over break other than being lazy but isn't that how all college breaks are? haha. I swear I've been living in leggings and letting my hair go natural these past couple of weeks so I'm looking forward to putting in some effort again once school starts. Of course I'm sure I'll get sick of that really quickly!

Anyways let's talk about this outfit which is another one of my all-time favorites! I'm usually not one for over-sized coats since I'm petite but I couldn't resist this windowpane pattern one from Anthropologie. It's ridiculously soft and keeps you so warm, although the only con is that it's quite a splurge at $248 so I linked a similar one that's under $100 and just as nice. As for the bag which I'm sure your eyes landed on first, this Kate Spade bag just screams Valentine's Day with the pink and red and is probably one of the most unique bags that I own. Sadly, it's sold out but keep an eye out in stores and their outlets (which is usually where I score the best bags from!).

Have a nice weekend!


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January Style Inspiration

Winter's officially here in Rochester (usually it starts snowing in November!) so I pulled out all my warm sweaters and coats to wear but I'll admit, I just hate winter clothes. There's just so much layers and everything gets old and ruined so easily (aka having to get a new pair of leather riding boots every winter, ugh). I usually try to mix it up and keep my wardrobe looking interesting this time of year with a bright coat or on my current wishlist, that Elizabeth & James feather sweater. I also decided to include some of my favorite winter beauty products such as Tarte's Lip Surgence which is a super moisturizing lip tint and Nars' "Hot Sand"/"Laguna" bronzer duo cause everyone needs a little color this time of year. Lastly, I was at BCBG the other day and noticed these adorable knit hats with veils attached to them. At first I thought they were ridiculous but once you try them on, it's strangely chic haha. 

Thanks for reading, 

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