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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Finals Prep With Luvo Learn

Admit it. You wait until the last minute to study for finals too! It just seems that there's not enough time to do everything when the end of the semester is near. From writing 10 page research papers to buying last minute gifts for your loved ones, it's only natural to put off finals until a few days (or ya know, hours) before you have to take them.

Of course, us college kids always seem to find some way to get through finals and pass them but I've recently discovered a study hack that most people don't know about...Luvo! Luvo is a website that offers online help through flash cards, lecture notes, study guides, and video tutorials. They have everything you need to help prepare you for the big day and get you an amazing grade that's better than just passing.

All you gotta do is sign up and go to the homepage where you can search by school, courses, or subject in order to find materials that will help you. So easy! If you're really stressing out and need help quick then search for tutors in your subject and get help live. I know one on one tutoring can be pricey so I think it's great that Luvo offers this option for cheap rates. Plus if you're pulling an all-nighter and need a tutor right at that moment (so like 1am if you're like me haha), they're still available!

There's also Luvo's Fall 2015 Finals Hack which includes a choice of six of the top final study guides from across the U.S. which covers courses such as Principal to Microeconomics, Introduction to Pyschology, and Introduction to Criminal Justice. This could've totally came in handy when I was a freshman and had to all those introduction courses!

Just in case you've already taken all your finals and feel like you're a pro in your major, why not sell your study guides to students and make some extra cash for the holidays? There's no better feeling than going back home with a fat wallet and plus you'll be helping so many students.

I hope this tip came in handy and you give Luvo a try before your next big final. Every little bit of studying helps! Good luck with your finals, ladies! 


(This post is sponsored by Luvo Learn and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.)

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