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Monday, November 30, 2015

How to Get Glowing Skin For the Holidays

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If there's one season that I hate, it's winter. Living in upstate New York, winters are brutal and never seem to end. If that wasn't bad enough, my skin always seems to suffer the most around this time of year. I already have dry skin but it gets worse when it's exposed to constant wind and freezing temperatures. Flakiness, dullness, and dry one wants that kind of beauty look for the holidays! That's why I thought this would be the perfect time to share how I get glowing skin that will make you look instantly healthy and hopefully makes the winter time a little less annoying. 

Step 1: Exfoliate

Wintertime is when our skin is the driest which leads to dead skin and the look of dullness. In order to get rid of this, use a body scrub to exfoliate and make sure to do this before shaving! I start by adding water to the scrub and gently rubbing it into wet skin in a circular motion. Then when I'm done scrubbing, I'll wash it off (this takes a while since there's so many beads haha) and move on to the next step. I recommend doing this while showering since it can get messy and use a scrub with an oil-base which won't dry out your skin and helps the razor slide over your skin easier when it's time to shave.

Step 2: Shaving with Venus Swirl

  I personally hate's just so time-consuming and I always seem to cut my legs, no matter how careful I am! Over the years, I've discovered that it's not about how you shave but what you use to shave. The trick is to finding a razor that's flexible enough to adjust to every curve and has good quality blades so you end up with smooth skin every time. I recently discovered Venus Swirl which is amazing for shaving since it has a contouring flexiball which makes it perfect to shave in areas such as the back of your knee or ankles. Use some shaving cream or even hair conditioner on your legs and work your way up from ankle to knee.

Step 3: Moisturize with Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash (available in warehouse)

In order to get great skin all over, it's necessary to have a body wash that's gentle enough so that it won't strip the body of it's natural oils and helps prevent dry skin. One of my favorite body washes (that also smells yummy!) is Olay Ultra Moisture body wash which has a rich lather, contains shea butter, and the best part is that I don't have to moisturize after my shower which saves time in the mornings!

Step 4: Glowing Makeup 

 The first three steps really focused on getting glowing skin on your body so here's the finishing touch: glowing makeup for your face! I personally love shimmery makeup but you never want to go overboard since you'll end up looking like a disco ball (unless that's the look you want to go for haha). I like to keep it simple with some liquid highlighter, blush with a little bit of shimmer, and a semi-matte lipstick. 

I start by applying blush on the apples of my cheeks with an angled blush brush and then the highlighter. I prefer to use liquid highlighter since it's more pigmented and really makes your skin glowy. I simply dab it onto the tops of my cheeks with my fingers and remember, a little goes a long way with this stuff! Complete the look with some lipstick in a soft petal pink shade that's going to give you some color but also makes your lips look plump and moisturized.

That's it! Glowing skin that's perfect for the office during the day and holiday parties at night. You can find products such as Venus Swirl and Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash at your nearest Costco's warehouse section. Ever since Costco opened up in Rochester, I've been a big fan of how you can easily find everything that you need, all in one place especially when it comes to beauty products. They have a wide variety of trusted brands that are sold in bulk so you won't have to constantly go in store every couple of weeks for a new one (my biggest pet peeve!) and who has time for that anyways around the holidays? Not this college girl! 

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  1. Such a fun post! I'm also a big hater of shaving my legs. I feel like more than half of the time, I cut myself at the back of my ankle...

    Something About That

  2. I'm not a fan of shaving either! But the Venus Swirl does make it smoother. :) You've definitely got a beautiful holiday glow! Thanks for sharing your tips! #client


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