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Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Hair: Blonde Balayage

Three weeks ago, I changed my hair color and although it's technically not "new" anymore my rule is that until I post it onto my blog it's still new haha. I got tired of my usual chestnut brown with blonde highlights routine so I went with a blonde balayage this time. The hair stylist kept my blackish-brown roots and hand-painted the blonde color onto the bottom of my hair. At first I told her to do an ombre but after explaining to her how much I hated the distinct line other people's ombres have, she suggested balyage which would give off a much more natural effect. I love how low-maintenance it is now since she worked with my roots instead of against it and how it naturally seems to blend in together. Depending on the lighting, it seems to look blonde while indoors it seems to give off warm, caramel tone.

Here's a selfie that I took indoors and it looks so much brighter and blonder! I highly recommend if you're a brunette wanting go blonde to start with a balayage first so you can see if you like it or not before making the commitment to go full-blonde.

Either way I love it and I can defiantly see myself keeping this hair color for a while. If you're looking for a great hair stylist in the Rochester, NY area then check out Erin at Belezza Salon! It was my first time going to her for my hair and she instantly understood what I wanted! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, 



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  2. Your hair looks gorgeous!!!! haha I'm so with you its never new unless its on social media, ahhh our generation lol! Your stylist did an amazing job ahhh I wish I could highlight my hair haha it always looks so cool on others! I love your tousled curls at the end so pretty!!!

    Jasmine :)


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