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Friday, July 17, 2015

The Product Every Girl Needs In Her Beauty Bag

As someone who used to work in the fragrance industry, smelling good has always been important to me. After trying so many different fragrances and always being on the hunt for the next big thing, I jumped at the chance to try Bait Hair Perfume. Yes you heard right, perfume that you spray directly into your hair! Different, am I right? This is the first brand that I've heard of that offers perfume specifically designed for hair and I absolutely love the idea! I hate the smell of chemicals from my hair products and spraying regular perfume can harm your hair (especially color-processed) because of the high levels of alcohol in it. Bait on the other-hand, is completely safe and suitable for all hair types. 

The four scents that I received are: 

Femme Fatale - A warm, sensual scent that smells like pomegranate, vanilla, and dark amber. I would say this is perfect for the wintertime!

Heart Breaker - Very girly and sweet. Smells like sugar, cotton candy, and cupcakes. Sidenote: studies show guys are more attracted to sweet scents like this ;) 

Skinny Dipper - This was my absolute favorite. Smells like coconut, suntan lotion, and citrus. The perfect scent for the summer!

Day Dreamer - Very light and airy. Great for someone who gets headaches from perfumes easily. Has hints of citrus, soft vanilla, and coconut. 

I decided to put it to the test by using a couple hair products (hair spray, dry shampoo, etc.) and using 2-3 sprays of Bait's Skinny Dipper to see if it would cover up the chemical smells from the products. I recommend spraying it a couple inches away from your hair so it doesn't get all wet. Not only did my hair smell amazing and completely masked the odor from those products but it lasted the whole day! My hair didn't feel greasy either and I received a few compliments from my co-workers whenever I walked by them! The scent is subtle enough that you won't get a headache but also strong enough that people will faintly smell it as you walk by (or so my co-workers said!). I loved the smell so much that I decided to spray it on my skin and found that the smell lasts just as long!

If you would like to find out more about Bait or purchase their products, visit and get free shipping when you spend over $50!

Hope you enjoyed this post, 


(Sponsored by Bait Hair Perfume, all opinions are my own.)

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  1. the Skinny Dipper sounds awesome! I love the smell of coconut :) xx, kenz


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