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Monday, July 6, 2015

Pink Ombre Nails

Over the weekend, I spotted The New Black nail polish kits on sale for $13 at Sephora and decided to give their pink ombre kit a try. I've always been obsessed with the ombre trend for hair so why not try it with my nails? The kit comes in 5 different shades of pink but there was also other kits in shades of blue and purple at Sephora. This was my first time trying nail polishes from The New Black line and I have to say the polishes are great quality. It only took 2 coats to make my nails opaque and even without a top coat, they looked pretty shiny. 

Here's a description of each shade which oddly enough, don't have names on the bottom of the bottle. From left to right: 

"Light pink" - Creamy baby pink that's almost border-line lilac cause of the cool tones. 

"Medium pink" - Reminds me of a bubblegum pink color except a shade darker. Great to wear by itself if you're a fan of pinks but don't want to look too childish. 

"Rose pink" - Some people would call this rose while others would say it's more of a magenta. Another great color to wear by itself if you have a darker skin tone. There is a hint of gold shimmer in it which you can see from the bottle yet doesn't show up once applied. 

"Light Red" - I'm not even sure how to describe this color haha. It's like a borderline neon red that almost has a jelly consistency. Maybe cherry red? A great shade for the summer if worn by itself. 

"Fuschia" - The only shade that's matte in this kit and also dries the quickest. Doesn't really seem darker to me than the light red shade but it is much more purple so that might be why The New Black chose it as last shade to put on. 

Overall, I'm pleased with this kit and it's such a great way to make your nails look pretty without bothering to do a design or anything complicated. The only complaint I have is that I wish the bottles were bigger and the polish would last longer than 4 days but hey it is nail polish. I looked online and unfortunately the pink kit has been sold out on Sephora but the grey kit is still available! Of course, if you feel like getting creative you can simply take your favorite red polish and add white polish little by little to get the same effect :)

Hope you enjoyed this post! 



  1. I love ombrè nails! I'm loving your bright pink for the summer.

    The Closet by Christie

  2. such a cute idea! my favorite pink color has to be "Fiji" by Essie! its sosooso cute and super bright! xx, kenz


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