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Monday, June 8, 2015

London Day 2

Hey ladies! I hope everyone's having a great Monday. Unfortunately, I'm feeling the Monday blues and on top of it, travel withdrawals. I just can't believe last Monday I was walking around in beautiful London and now I'm back home and doing normal things. I just keep getting this feeling that every thing around me has changed yet when I look around, everything is the same. It's ME that's changed, ya know? I mean, how could I go back to living a normal life when I've accomplished so many of my dreams in London and Paris? I guess this is what they call wanderlust! Anyways, here's a recap of what I did on my second day in London which is a bit of a blur since I was so tired and still jet-lagged that day. 

We started the day with a bus tour around London with a different tour guide named Joel. Seriously, he was the best tour guide EVER. He was hilarious, knew everything about London and it's history, and super down to earth. He even taught us how to speak with a cockney accent! What I loved most was that he was quite passionate about his work and made an effort to connect with his audience. Okay, so I'm kinda in love with the guy. Sue me, it's the accent haha. Here's a shot of the beautiful Westminster Abbey which sadly, I didn't have time to go to.

After the bus tour Joel took us to St. Paul's Cathedral which is absolutely stunning! 

Fun fact: during the entire course of the trip I always had my DSLR and my iPhone in my hand like a complete tourist haha. Whenever I need amazing shots of details, I use my DSLR yet if I need a quick shot that I can upload on Instagram in seconds then the iPhone does the trick. Plus you can never have too many pics while on vacation! Below are some taken with my iPhone, see what I mean?

Afterwards, we went to St. James Park where I spotted Buckingham Palace from a distance and took some pics for an outfit post at the back of the Horse Guards building. Sadly, I only got to do one outfit post in London and one in Paris since I didn't have much time. Plus I wanted to focus on enjoying my trip and didn't want it to be all about blogging ya know? But I am excited to show you that outfit post tomorrow! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! 



  1. This gives me such nostalgia from being in London! Love this pics and will definitely check out some of these touristy spots when I go back at the end of the summer!


    1. Thanks London is amazing! Glad you enjoyed it,



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