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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Why You Need to Start Traveling Now

I'm so excited to announce that my finals are finally over and that I can now start focusing on packing for my London and Paris trip in a couple of weeks. It's strange to think that I was so hesitant on signing up for this trip when now all I feel is excitement! Seriously, if you're contemplating on traveling someplace amazing, JUST GO DO IT! and here's why...

The Anticipation - Waiting for a trip is just as exciting as actually going on the trip itself. From figuring out what outfits to bring to buying mini travel products, half the fun is getting there! Bonus: you get to make all your friends jealous haha.

You'll Realize How Brave You Are - Now how could you possibly know how courageous you are if you don't start taking some chances? The benefits of traveling includes the growth of one's character and strength. You're not going to be the same person that you were before traveling. The traveling experience changes you for the better.

 Travel Therapy - With travel, comes healing. I'm not gonna say it solves all your problems, but it makes you adopt a different perspective towards them. Oh and don't do that whole "travel to find yourself" thing cause it doesn't work. Instead, travel to remember who you've been all along.

You'll Always Be "Too Busy" - The biggest excuse I hear from people is "I'm too busy" to travel. Well, hate to break it to ya but you'll always be busy so ya might as well start traveling now.

"But I'm Too Broke!" - This was one of the reasons why I was so hesitant to go to Europe. I felt bad for spending so much money on a trip when I could use it towards something more useful. The thing is, you can't put a price on travel because you gain so much more than what you paid for.

Tomorrow Isn't Guaranteed - Cliche but true. If you don't travel now, then how are you so sure that you'll have the opportunity to travel again later on?

Honestly, there's so many reasons why you should travel and I couldn't fit all of them into one post but I hope some of these tips helped to motivate you! Thanks for reading.


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  1. I totally agree. You'll never be younger than today, right?
    xx Angella


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