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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Off to London & Paris!

Hey ladies! Today's the day I finally achieve my dream of visiting London and Paris! I can't even explain how excited I am and how long I've been waiting for this day. I remember when I started counting down from 200 days! haha. Since I'm sure I won't always have a good wi-fi connection while there, I decided to blog again when I come back from the trip. Depending on the jet lag and time difference, I'll try to post again next Tuesday or Wednesday! Of course, I'll post a few pics on Instagram just to keep you guys updated on what I'm doing but other than that my goal is to really focus on having fun in these cities. Sometimes it's nice to just step away from the computer and phone and enjoy the moment instead of just trying to document every minute of it for the blog. One of the perks of traveling is that when you come back home, you just feel so invigorated and inspired so I'm sure I'll come back with some great things to talk about!

See you soon! In the meantime, follow me on Instagram @ruyakiraccc


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