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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why You Shouldn't Be Shy About Your Blog

Hey guys! Hope you're all having a great week! I decided to write about an issue today that seems to affect tons of bloggers every day. Now that I've been doing some "serious" blogging for a while now, I began to notice that certain old habits of myn seemed to have disappeared. One of these bad habits was feeling shy whenever I told people about my blog in real life. There just seems to be something scary about telling people about your blog in person and seeing their actual reactions to it.

I felt shy about my blog because I didn't think my work was good enough and that people don't actually want to hear about it. I've missed so many networking opportunities because of this mindset and relied on social media and online networks to increase my viewers. Boy was I wrong! Real-life networking is extremely important for a blog. Besides how are you going to be able to convince people online that your work is good enough if you can't even convince people in real life?

So what exactly stopped me from being shy? Passion. Passion changes everything, I swear! The more passionate you are about blogging, the more confident you become. I'm not saying to be annoying, but if the conversation comes up (which it will a million times!) let people know about it. You never know the kinds of opportunities that are out there until you do.

So tell your family, friends, teachers, and everyone else that this is what you like to do and you're proud of it! Regardless if your work is good or not, stand behind it! The more that know, the better. In the age of social media, people tend to overlook the power of word of mouth but you would be surprised at how quick it works to get more viewers.

So what did I get out of not being shy about my blog? Oh nothing much just...a new job that I absolutely love! No big deal ;) I'll be going into more detail on how I actually did this with an upcoming blog post so stay tuned!

Hope you enjoyed this post!



  1. Oh wow, that's amazing. I love telling people about my blog, ha! It's always a great feeling to share what you do, I think every blogger who constantly blogs , must be so proud of their blogs and they SHOULD share it with the real world x

    Noor's Place

  2. I need to do that more! Tell my extended family about my blog and have them support it! Great post!

    1. You defiantly should, thanks for checking out the post!

  3. You're so right! No reason to be shy about your work, especially when you work so hard!

  4. I am still extremely shy about my blog. Only a few of my closest friends know about it. This has inspired me to not be afraid, because telling people in real life will only open more doors for me.
    Thank you!


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