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Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Fashion Resolutions For 2015

Hey guys! New Years is slowly approaching so I decided to put together a list of resolutions but this time around, involving fashion. I always look for new ways to improve my style but never actually go through with it. I thought the new year would be the perfect time to start these changes!

Wear More Color - I've noticed that I wear a lot of neutrals and sometimes it comes across as bland so I'd like to incorporate more color into my wardrobe.

Take More Risks - I tend to wear the same old things again and again since I know they work for my body but a fashionista needs to take more risks!

Less Online Shopping - I know, strange right? Clothes always look better online yet when I receive them and try them on, it never looks quite right. I'd like to actually go into stores and try on clothes more often haha.

Wear Heels - I'm a flats girl and only wear high heels for special ocassions, but I'd like to change things up! The problem is finding heels that I'm actually comfortable in for a long period of time haha. Is that even possible?

Wear More Jewelry - I only wear a few pieces of jewelry here and there so why not accessorize more? I'm always envious of girls on Instagram with their #armcandy pictures.

Experiment With Patterns - I always reach for solids more than patterns so I'd like to change this as well! My wardrobe feels so boring without any cute polka dots or stripes in it!

What are your fashion resolutions? Comment down below!

Until next time lovelies,


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  1. I love color, especially mixing colors!



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