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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Men's Cologne Gift Guide

Cologne is a great gift for a guy and with so many deals going on in stores, you can manage to get an amazing designer one for almost half the retail price around this time of year. I've worked in fragrance for the past two years and I've learned a lot about which scents are the best and why the bestsellers are really...the best haha. Here are my 5 favorites that are perfect for that special someone in your life. Note: smell the cologne first before buying! I can't tell you how many customers have just bought the cologne just because it's being advertised everywhere.

1.) Bleu De Chanel - If you feel like splurging (it's Christmas after all!) go with Bleu De Chanel which is the latest cologne from the brand. It's woody without actually being heavy and contains notes such as sandalwood, cedar, and mint. It's quite long-lasting so a little goes a long way. 

2.) Yves Saint Laurent "L'Homme" - For some reason, not many people know about this one. It's actually my favorite and can only be described as "light, but not too light". It's pretty much the perfect cologne that can be taken from day to night. The notes include ginger, citrus, and white pepper. 

3.) Versace Eros -  It's difficult to choose just one Versace cologne since all of them are great (and bestsellers!) but Eros really tops them all. It's incredibly fresh is a great cologne for guys in their 20's. The notes are mint (it's literally the first one that hits you), geranium, tonka bean, and oakmoss. 

 4.) Givenchy Pi Neo - If your guy is a cologne collector and thinks he knows every single one out there, I'm 99% sure he doesn't know about this one. Another fresh cologne that doesn't give you a headache and is great for everyday. The notes are mandarin orange, cedar, and patchouli. 

5.) Armani Acqua Di Gio - If there's one cologne that gets sold the most at the perfume shop I work at, it's this one! We literally have to re-order boxes of these because they go out so quick during the holidays. From teenagers to grandpas, I've sold this to everyone! If you're in doubt, defiantly go with this. It has an "ocean" smell and seems to go well with everyone's body chemistry. The notes are citrus, jasmine, and a wood base. 

Hope this was helpful!



  1. I would love to get a whiff of these! I love a good smelling man!

  2. Perfume is one of my favorite gifts to receive. Being the picky person I am, it took me years to find one that is so light and subtle, that it comes across as this mesmerizing afterthought. For the best smiling cologne visit


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