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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Why Are You So Dressed Up?"

I think the most frequently asked question I've gotten ever since my love for fashion began is: "Why are you so dressed up?". Sadly, it seems that we've become a country of laziness when it comes to our wardrobe. Gone are the days of red lipstick, white gloves, and ladylike dresses which are now replaced with sweats and Uggs. We just seem to not have time to put in any effort into the way we look unless it's for a special occasion. 

I remember how tough it was for me when I first started college and couldn't find anyone who didn't dress down. In fact, I got more stares for actually "dressing up" (which actually isn't dressing up in my opinion) than for looking sloppy in sweats. It's a strange predicament and it made me start "fitting in" in order to avoid the questions and stares. After a while, I got sick of doing this cause I realized that fashion is a part of me. I stopped caring what other people think of me and it's what lead me to start a blog that talks a lot about college fashion. 

I just couldn't understand why people in college don't dress up and why the ones who do, are seen as "unusual". Why do we have to be questioned for the effort we put in? (It's probably because we look better than everyone haha).

I'm a firm believer that you should dress and look whatever way you want to look. If dressing up and looking sharp makes you happy then so be it! I find life is just more enjoyable when you do the things that you love. Besides, who doesn't like looking good? 

So the next time someone asks you the ridiculous question of "why are you so dressed up?" go ahead and reply back by saying "why aren't YOU dressed up?".

Until next time lovelies, 


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