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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Deal of the Week: Kohl's Apt. 9 Earrings

As much as I hate giving into trends, there are just some out there that you can't resist. The Dior tribal earrings is one of them. Of course, since I can't justify the expensive price tag that comes with anything Dior I had to go out and look for an inexpensive version of them. To my surprise, I found them at Kohls. Of all places! I pretty much only go to Kohl's for the LC by Lauren Conrad brand and out of pure luck I spotted these at the jewelry section. They're by the brand Apt. 9 and were on sale for $10.80! How can I resist buying them with that price?

Unfortunately, the classic pearl version is sold out online but I linked the studded version and a coral version that would look pretty against an all black outfit. They're also on sale so order them quick before they're sold out.

What surprised me the most about these earrings is how lightweight they are! You would think it would feel a little strange because the bigger pearl goes towards the back of your ear but nope! I wore them to school and I didn't feel them all day. Finally, a pair of earrings that I can wear everyday and not get irritated by. 

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