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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Style Talk: 3 Coats That Will Make You Love Winter

I wish fall would never leave but sadly, it will eventually be replaced with the cold, harsh winters that upstate NY is known for. Add walking across a college campus on a daily basis into the equation and all of a sudden it results in a horrible cold! I've made that mistake too many times so I thought I'd put together a post filled with my favorite coats that I've been eyeing lately. Not only are they super stylish but will actually keep you warm this winter! 

Pretty pastel blue, large black buttons, and the wool material makes this coat perfect for everyday.
Here's the link to it on

 There's a Kate Middleton in all of us and for only $50 it's quite a bargain compared to other coats! Check it out on

If there's one pattern I've been loving lately, it's windowpane. I defiantly need this in my closet soon! It's still on but not for long!

Until next time lovelies,



  1. Aww these are all such stylish picks! Love! The Zara coat is just divine! I really hope NY doesn't have the harsh snowfall you guys had to deal with last year... that truly sounded awful! :| Here's to a better winter :)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. winter last year was horrible! haha thank you! :)

  2. Love the Zara coat - I bought a few coats at Zara in the past and I've always had a positive experience (read: no pilling!)

    - Deniz

    1. thanks! I'm defiantly going to give a try!


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