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Sunday, September 7, 2014

New In: Leopard Print Smoking Slippers

Repeat after me: I deserve new shoes! Once in a while everyone deserves a pretty pair of shoes that will make their day easier, put a little spring in their step, and help them conquer the world. I decided my new life-changing shoes to be these awesome pair of leopard print smoking slippers (or in other words flats) by the brand Me Too which I bought from Marshalls. Although I love heels just as much as the next gal, a nice pair of flats are my go-to when it comes to footwear for long college days.

What's special about these is not only how comfy they are but the fur texture! Mind you, it's not real fur or anything of the sort but they did a nice job of making it look far more expensive than it is. I think I bought these for around $30? Not bad at all. 

I can't wait to wear these as a statement shoe or to just wear them with a white shirt and jeans on lazy days. I think the reason why I was so hesistant to buy anything leopard print is because of how tacky some girls look in it. I want to come across as more Dolce and Gabbana (seriously have you seen their leopard print?!) instead of Jersey Shore so I always need to be careful. A little bit of leopard print is great but a head to toe outfit? That just has disaster written all over it.

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