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Friday, August 15, 2014

Freshman Advice: What You Really Need to Bring for College

 Take it from a girl that's been in the worst of situations in college and has made plenty of mistakes that would make anyone cringe. I've learned the hard way the things that I should leave at home and the things that I should bring with me for a day at college. In order to help out any freshman out there that are a bit anxious about what to bring with them, I've made a list (I love lists haha) to help you guys out. Some of them may be common sense but hey common sense isn't so common these days! P.S. this list also applies to people who commute to college! 

Planner - I've never had to use a planner in high school and if I did have to remember something I would just write it down in my phone. Everything changes once you enter college! You have to have a place where you can jot down everything while the professor is talking and what better place than in a stylish planner? Trust me, this should be number 1 on your list. 

Flash Drive - The pain of a computer crashing after a 10 page essay is something that I don't even wish upon my enemies! It's the most frustrating thing in the world so always make sure to have a flash drive on you (on a keychain would be best!) and to save your work in advance. 

Headphones - Despite the fact that you'll have tons of work to do in college, you'll also have lots of free time where classes will cancel unexpectadely or you find yourself bored during a lunch break. Always have a pair of headphones in your purse to help pass the time.

Water Bottle - Class presentations and participating in discussions can leave your throat feeling dry so make sure to have a water bottle on you. Plus who wants to spend all that money on expensive drinks in the cafe? Not this girl...

Hat - College has so much freedom compared to high school and one of those freedoms is being able to wear hats in class! Once in a while you will find that one teacher who doesn't let you wear them but most teachers are pretty laid-back about it. They come in handy on those days where you don't have time to do your hair!

Rain Boots - If you live in a place like Rochester where the weather is bipolar on a regular basis, you may want to wear a pair of nice-quality rain boots on the days where you think it might rain. They make walking across campus so much easier!

Umbrella - If you don't feel like investing in some rain boots then at least have a small purse-size umbrella on you so you don't come into class with wet hair! Trust me, I've been wasn't pretty.

Snacks - Let's admit it, most of us tend to skip breakfast on a daily basis and instead go to class on a empty stomach and even worse, a slow brain. Make sure to at least have 2 snacks (preferably healthy) that will help you to wake up and pay better attention in class.

I hope that was at least helpful to one person but if not it's a nice reminder for myself since I tend to forget half of these things haha. What do you think are some essentials for college students to have on a day to day basis?

Until next time lovelies, 


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