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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Confessions of a Small-Town Fashion Blogger

Now I know what some of you might be thinking: "But Rochester isn't a small town!". Technically you're right, it would be classified as a mid-size city but in the world of fashion, it would be considered the middle of nowhere. We don't have a Nordstrom, a Neiman Marcus, or an H&M and it doesn't take very long to get bored of all the things that we do have. We have no luxury shopping whatsoever and the closest place to find that around here is NYC which is 6 hours away. On top of it, people aren't really into fashion here! They'll pretty much look at you weird if you're not wearing anything other than sweats or jeans and a t-shirt. Of course it could be much worse but sometimes these things just get to you when you're seeing all the grand places that other bloggers reside in.

So what do I go through on a daily basis for my fashion blog exactly? Here they are...

Lack of places to shoot: You don't necessarily need a spectacular background in order to take pictures at since it is all about the clothes but it doesn't hurt! I ran out of places to shoot months ago so I began to get creative and just drove around the city until I found something unique. Is it a waste of gas? Sometimes. But it gets the job done and you end up getting some good photos most of the time!

"What's a fashion blogger?":  Most people around here don't know what a fashion blogger is so you end up having to explain it to them for the next 15-20 minutes. Sometimes it gets annoying but people are usually interested enough in the idea to take a look at your blog by the time they get home. 

Online Shopping: Since there is a major lack of good stores around town, you end up having to rely more on online shopping which can be a hassle when you end up ordering the wrong size all the time. The struggle is real out here...

No Fashion Events: I envy bloggers who live in big cities where events like fashion week and blogging socials happen on a frequent basis. This brings me to the next topic...

No Other Fashion Bloggers: As far as I know of, there are no other fashion bloggers in my city so it gets sad to not be able to make any blogging friends that live nearby. I'm looking forward to the day that I get to meet another fashion blogger in real life!

These are pretty much the main 5 for me but I might've missed some. Any small town fashion bloggers out there that go through the same problems? Let me know!

Until next time lovelies, 


(photo source: Tumblr)

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