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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Affordable Travel for College Students: EF College Break

Hey guys! As promised, I finally decided to sit down and write a post about EF College Break which I mentioned in my 2015 travel plans post seen here. Mind you, I haven't gone on the trip yet so I can't review on how everything during the trip went but I can tell you what it's all about and the sign up process. 

EF College Break is a travel agency that specifically caters to college students that would like to fulfill their wanderlust without breaking the bank. You get the opportunity to meet other college students from all over the US and go on tours with them to see famous attractions, museums, restaurants...the whole shebang! Although the travel agency basically sets up an itinerary for you, they also give you time to do your own thing and explore the city yourself. It's a great balance isn't it? It can be daunting to travel to a foreign city for the first time so it's nice to be able to travel with tour guides and experts but to also have the freedom to do some things you want to do as well. Personally I like the fact that this agency has really taken away the hassle that comes with international traveling. You don't have to choose flights or research decent places to stay, it's all taken care of!

Now the best part...what trips do they have?! They have a huge variety from celebrating St. Paddy's Day in Ireland to going on a 30 day trip around Europe. They also have more exotic trips such as exploring safaris in Kenya or seeing the beauty of Thailand. There's truly something for everyone and I can't wait to go on more trips with them if everything goes well! One con is that they don't have trips to Russia which was one of the places that I always wanted to visit but I'm guessing it's because of how hard it is to get a visa there. It's alright though...I guess a trip to Japan will make up for it!

Lastly, our least favorite much does it cost? Hotels, flights, museum passes, all these things can add up but it's clear that traveling with EF can be much more cheaper than booking the whole trip yourself. A typical flight alone to Istanbul, Turkey costs around $1500 per person whenever I travel with my family yet when I signed up for the 8 day London and Paris trip it only cost $2159. That includes a round-trip flight, hotel, breakfast, tours, and entrance to museums. Not bad right?

What really changes the game is they offer a interest-free payment plan. Yes you heard right! In this day and age nothing is interest-free yet they're offering it to students that are willing to sign up for the trip. No credit card approval required either! All you have to do is pay it off by the time you go on the trip and you're all set! As for the sign-up process, you can either do it online or call and at most it'll take 5 minutes. Simple, straight-forward, and the people working at customer service are actual college students that have gone on the trips themselves so they're super helpful. 

I hope that answered some of your questions but if you want to find out more check out:

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