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Thursday, August 14, 2014

10 College Fashion Trends That Need to Go Away

Every college has some trends that it's known for, some of them cute and some of them that desperately need to go away. Here in the Northeast, these are the specific trends that I have to (sadly) see on a day to day basis...

1.) Uggs - Seriously? How many times do we have to go over the fact that Uggs are ridiculously ugly and soak up water and dirt like there's no tomorrow! How do girls even wear these things everyday? I can understand if you want to wear it for a flight but for class?! It's even worse when I see it during the summertime with jean shorts...

2.) Northface Jackets - I can understand that it's warm and most college girls don't want to carry a heavy coat throughout the school day but there's such a large variety of cute coats out there that are both lightweight and keeps you warm. Go out there and find them!

3.) Stilettos - Yes, every semester I see a girl painfully making her way to class in a pair of sky-high stilettos that are meant to be worn at a club. It's just so out of place at a college! I cringe every time I see a girl wearing heels that she clearly can't walk in but it's even worse when I spot these girls desperately trying to make their way through a large college campus. Leave the stilettos at home and opt for some cute flats instead!

4.) pants - Is it that hard to find a tunic or sweater that's long enough to cover your butt? Or better yet, a pair of skinny jeans?! I'm sorry but this trend is absolutely strange and I have yet to see it flattering on anyone...

5.) Vera Bradley - This trend is specifically more popular in the North it seems and I thought only high school girls wore it but nope it's haunted me throughout college as well. Sure, we all have different tastes and I get it if you see a backpack that you just "have to have" from them but the matching lanyard, wallet, coin purse, AND duffle bag?!

6.) Messy Bun Hairstyle - Sometimes a messy bun hairstyle can look cute but most girls around here put gel in their hair while it's wet, "scrunch" it up, and then proceed to put it into a messy bun which results in a strange, straw-like mess on top of their heads. 

7.) Adidas Sandals With Socks...Or No Socks - I'm not sure if this one is common in any other colleges in the North besides the ones in Rochester but unless you're an athlete, there's really no reason why you should be wearing these to class.

8.)  Fake Designer Purses - I hate fake bags and most of the ones worn in college with the logos clearly shown all over them are fakes. I don't think there's many college kids out there that can afford a real Louis Vuitton bag so why try to wear a fake one and tell people it's real?

9.) Victoria's Secret Pink Sweats - This trend should've died out when the Juicy Couture sweatsuits went away. It's just so early 2000's and who spends over a $100 on sweats anyways?!

10.) Pajamas - I saved the best for last...and I have nothing to say about it cause I don't understand it either.

Well that's it for now! What college trends do you think need to go away at your schools? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time lovelies, 


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