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Monday, June 23, 2014

Zoya PixieDust - Lux

Pictures simply do not do justice for how gorgeous this mani looks in real life. And yes, I'm wearing nail polish and not gel for once. I don't even remember the last time I've worn regular, old, nail polish! But I couldn't resist picking this up when I was browsing through a local beauty store and noticed this was left over from Zoya's recent PixieDust spring 2014 collection. Mind you, this is a matte texture collection but if you're like me and hate the feeling of textured polish, you can always add a top coat for some shine.

Lux would be described as a muted pale pink polish with a variety of silver glitters which as you can tell from the photo, shines beautifully in the light. This is actually the first time they've used holographic glitters in the PixieDust formula and I think it turned out spectacular. I'm always looking for nail polishes that have a crazy amount of glitter in it so I don't have to do so many coats and this just nails it (no pun intended).

Of course my dslr camera was going crazy from the glitter so I took photos with my iphone as well. The dslr camera seemed to show the texture better while the iphone caught the look of the glitter quite nicely...

The actual application was a bit difficult since there is so much glitter packed into one polish that at times it can come out quite chunky. Just make sure to apply it in thin coats and you should be good to go. Other than that, I should mention THIS IS THE MOST QUICKEST DRYING POLISH I'VE EVER TRIED and when I mean quick, I mean it dries before you even finish painting a nail! I'm pretty sure it's because of the matte formula so make sure to work quick while applying this. 

Overall, I'm quite mesmerized by the amount of glitter this contains and how you only need two coats to make it opaque! It's so much better than trying to layer a bunch of glitter polishes together to get the same look. Glitter addicts, this polish is defiantly for you. The only part I'm worried about is removing this mani, oh the joy of beauty.

Until next time lovelies, 


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