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Sunday, June 29, 2014

My 10 Best Travel Tips

Hey guys! Here are some great travel tips I've learned over the years from various people through my travels. Some of these things are not common knowledge but can help make the biggest difference when it comes to an easier trip whether it's across the country or across the world. Here we go...

#1.) Plan All Your Outfits

Instead of bringing a bunch of clothes that you think you might wear, plan your outfits ahead of time so you can save room for more important things such as the souvenirs you'll be bringing back. For longer trips, I also like to try on each outfit before traveling and taking a picture of it. That way, I can just scroll my phone and see what I should wear instead of wasting time trying on different outfits. 

#2.) Break In Shoes Before The Trip

 This one may seem obvious, but I've made the unfortunate mistake of buying new shoes for vacation and not breaking them in beforehand. It was so painful walking with them while sightseeing and once I took off the shoes, my feet looked horrible! Not the best feeling in the world...

#3.) Photocopy Passport & Other Documents

This one might be more important for someone who travels internationally since it's quite a pain to retrieve your documents once you lose them while on vacation or before actually arriving at your destination. I like to print copies of them to either bring with me or email them to myself so I can have digital versions of them to pull up whenever I find myself in a mess. Better safe than sorry!

#4.) Roll Your Shirts

If you need more room in your luggage, roll some of your clothing such as shirts! I find that it takes up less space and once I get to the hotel, there's always a free iron provided in your room that I use to get rid of the wrinkles on everything.

#5.) Bring an Adapter

It's strange how different countries have different shaped electrical outlets isn't it? Save yourself the hassle of trying to find one in the country you're going to visit and just buy one for cheap at places like Wal-Mart.

#6.) Pack Everything Important in Your Carry-On

I can't stress this one enough, based on my travels to Istanbul about 80% of the time my checked-in luggage got lost. It's such a horrible feeling to not have the important stuff with you!! These days, I try to only travel with my carry-on, not only to have everything important with me but to also not pay tons of money for my checked-in luggage. Traveling can be a pain, sometimes.

#7.) Download a Currency Conversion App

I've been visiting Istanbul my entire life, yet still don't understand the currency and that leads to spending more money than I thought would. Luckily, technology is amazing and there's apps out there like Amount (they couldn't be more creative with the name? ha) that easily lets you know what things like 39 euros would be in dollars.

#8.) Learn The Local Language 

I'm not saying you need to know the entire language by heart but try to learn a few key phrases here and there. Whenever you need help and you ask a local on the street, they're more likely to help you if they see that you're making an effort to speak the same language as them.

#9.) Keep Your Money in 2 Different Places

Once in a while, things go wrong while on vacation and you might find yourself having lost your debit card or wallet. Make sure to always keep extra cash or another card stored away in your room's safe box or give it for safe-keeping to your travel companion.

#10.) Let Go

I saved the most important one for last...make sure to have fun while on vacation and try things that you've never done before! You should let go of whatever insecurities or doubts you're holding in your mind and be free! You deserve it! Try out the local foods, meet new people, take amazing pictures for Instagram (you know you want to...) and most of all, live in the moment.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time lovelies,


(Photo source: Inslee By Design)

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